More Christian Resources for Your Waldorf Home!

(Hi, If you are not Christian, you are not left out today!   I still have a little thought for you at the bottom that you can meditate on, so please keep on reading or at least jump down to “The Question” at the bottom of the page!)

(These resources are more general Christian resources and not specific to one denomination; please see past posts for some wonderful Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christian blogs I love for direction there….  And do go over and join Elizabeth Foss on her Kind Conversation forum for wonderful ideas as well.  Many blessings.)

Update 2011 We have since switched to an Episcopalian parish, so some of these links are no longer pertinent to our family but perhaps will be to yours..

I don’t always write too directly about my personal faith.  However, for those of you seeking Christian Resources for your homeschool adventure, I have written several posts with different resources in the past regarding this subject, but I want to keep adding more so you all can add resources to your own files to use.

You might remember this post where I discussed what we using for our morning, lunch and bedtime devotion time here:  Would you all believe we are STILL not through our bedtime bible stories as mentioned in this post?  I probably won’t know what to pick after we are done with that one!!  I wrote a follow-up to that post here:

So, here is my update!  For our mornings, we finished “Step Into the Bible:  100 Bible Stories for Family Devotions” by Ruth Graham.  This book is about 220 pages long, and each day is a glossy photographed two-page spread with a reference to a passage in the Bible, a Memory Verse (we picked one for a week), and questions for understanding which I think would be great with the grades-age child and with a child under the age of 7 I would just let them hear and absorb and not use the questions. 

We then used the book, “Five-Minute Devotions for Children:  Celebrating God’s World As A Family” by Pamela Kennedy with illustrations by Amy Wummer.  This book is 47 pages long with a two-paged spread for each day, so my main complaint is that everyone LOVED this book and it was too short!  The Biblical theme is related to an animal of the day.  There are a few questions, but many of the questions involved finding something in the illustration, and the other questions were about either the animal or the Biblical theme.  There is also a Bible verse you could memorize.  (Again, we picked one Bible verse for the week, and we limited the “understanding” questions to our grades-age child).

So this is where we are now:  “The Big Book of Animal Devotions:  250 Daily Readings About God’s Amazing Creation.”  I don’t like it as much as the other animal devotion book; the animal descriptions are pretty detailed and the tying in to God’s word seems short. However, we are only seven days into this book, so I will let you know as we go along!

I am enjoying praying along with The Anglican Office of the Day (Grandpa is an Episcopalian priest, so we have a long Anglican history in our family). Here is a link for those of you seeking:    We also are enjoying the feasts, fasts and Saints found here: 

I am also enjoying these simple Bible verses for my little one:  Thank you to Kara at Rockin’ Granola for pointing this blog out to me! 

I am currently reading  “The Hole In The Gospel.”   This is a very, very interesting, emotional read about a man who was CEO for Lenox (fine china) and is now CEO of World Visions, a nonprofit organization.   All of you who read this blog can probably guess I have a big heart for helping people, and I have a big heart for children and their parents.   I have been looking at different mission ministries that really help children and their families. We are currently attending a non-Anglican church and  I really appreciate our current denomination’s long history of mission work and their emphasis on respectful interaction with the culture in which they are sharing.  (Their principles are here:  That is on my mind as well…. ..just waiting for my children to grow. 🙂

Here is a great FREE resource from an evangelical mission-minded blog  that was meant for around New Year’s to really  help you check in, to really  take stock and see where you are, where your life is, but I think it could be used any time that you would like to stop and assess where your life is.  Here is the link:     I printed this out and put it in my Homemaking Journal (you can see what else I have in my journal here:  – much of my Homemaking Journal is still the same as when I wrote this post, only a little bit has changed! I will update you all on that at some point soon!)

Whilst my husband and I work to impact our local community, I would like for our family to think “more internationally” about children and parents whose community could use help as well.  A friend recommended this organization to us, so we are checking it out:  I am kind of torn between something like this and supporting a specific missionary for our own denomination like this:

So there are some resources in as close to a nutshell as I could muster 🙂


So here is my question for all of you to meditate on today:  What are the most essential priorities in your life, and does your life reflect your essential priorities?  Could your children pick out your priorities by what you are MODELING for them (not your words, your actions!)  If not, what could you do to change your  life and activities so it matches your values even better?

Many blessings to you all,


6 thoughts on “More Christian Resources for Your Waldorf Home!

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  2. Thanks, Carrie! Isn’t Totally Tots a great resource? Lots over there, for sure 🙂

    I’m interested to see what you think of The Big Book of Animal Devotions as you continue with it.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful week!
    Best Wishes,

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