Summer Planning: Christian Education for the Waldorf Home

Here are some resources we are planning to use this coming school year, perhaps they will be of interest to YOU!

Breakfast devotional: We are using “Our 24 Family Ways Family Devotional Guide.”  I will be honest with you all, I don’t love it but I have not found anything I like much better.  I am thinking I will eventually write my own!  Seriously!

Lunchtime- Lunchtime Gratitudes – If you need examples, try page 14 of Amanda Blake Soule’s “The Creative Family:  How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections.”

Adult Bible Study:  After lunch, at Quiet Time, I spend some time on a Beth Moore Bible Study before I lay down.  The Beth Moore Bible Study typically rotates once a quarter.

Before Bed:  365 Read-Aloud Bedtime Stories by Daniel Partner for children.  For me,  I am reading through Guideposts’ “The Daily Bible: In Chronological Order 365 Daily Readings.”

Mondays are the day I usually tell a story of a “Bible Hero” before our quiet time and we have some sort of craft tying into this before dinner.

Friday mornings are the time we use wooden figures and tell a Bible story from the book, “Young Children and Worship.”  I got my book here    

I got some of the little wooden figures to go with the stories in this book here:

The other big emphasis we are working toward this year is making a day of rest in our week.  This little book has many, many ideas:  “A Day of Delight: Making Sunday the Best Day of the Week” by Pam Forster and available through



9 thoughts on “Summer Planning: Christian Education for the Waldorf Home

  1. Thanks for the resources. I have been thinking of making some of my own figurines for telling bible stories and having my dad cut out wooden animals with his scroll saw (he’s talented like that). May I ask with what ages you are working using these resources?

    • 8 year old for most of it, the 4 and a half year old does like the Children and Worship and the wooden figures (but the morning devotional really is too old for her and I am searching for something else for her to use around lunchtime. Last year we used Leading Little Ones to God which I modified parts of to fit with our beliefs. THe bedtiime ones seem to suit them both fine). The CHildren and Worship book you could easily use kindy – early elementary.
      Does that help?

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