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Anglican Priest and author David Adam writes in his book, “Aidan, Bede, Cuthbert:  Three Inspirational Saints” about how he views his life and past like a Celtic knotwork pattern.  He writes, ” Sometimes when I give thanks for my past I trace over a Celtic knotwork pattern.  Every time the pattern rises I give thanks for some good event in my life. When the line goes under another I seek forgiveness for some experience or person of the past.  Above all this I acknowledge that the pattern is endless — I am still here through all the ups and dows, through all the encounters for good or bad- and life is eternal.”

This blog is much like that; I am here through the ups and downs of my own life and hopefully to offer encouragement, support and inspiration to you during the ups and downs of your life.  I write most often about development, gentle discipline and attachment, Waldorf homeschooling and healing education, and my Anglican faith and other spiritual matters.  I am glad you are here.

This work is built upon my four-fold orientation to the world:

My Heart.  My Christian faith in the tradition of the Anglican Communion and my belief that the human being is a spiritual being with a need for gentle parenting and a  healing education that reflects the human being’s journey of  unfolding development throughout the entire lifetime. All human beings need spiritual nourishment and a development of the head, heart and hands in balance throughout the lifetime.

My Hands and Will.  My work and experience as a pediatric physical therapist, board certified lactation consultant, Sunday School teacher, parent group leader, homeschool group leader and my own experiences as a wife and mother of three children provides a rich platform for raising healthy children into adulthood.  I have seen what works well and what doesn’t across a wide span of children in varying circumstances.

My Head.  The pedagogy of childhood development found in the primary and secondary literature associated with Waldorf Education and also through such developmental portals as The Gesell Institute and literature regarding the development of normal movement and normal attachment for children to their families.  I freely adapt Waldorf Education to my Christian home.

The World In Which We Live.  An acknowledgement that in this time and place, simplicity in the home and in our lives and movement in and connection to the beautiful  natural world that our Creator has made is more important than ever for the health of our children.


The Details of My Journey:

My first degree is from Syracuse University in Newspaper Journalism and Latin American Studies with a minor in Spanish and my second degree is from University of North Florida in Physical Therapy.    I am  a licensed physical therapist specializing in Neonatal Development and Feeding and Pediatric Physical Therapy. I have practiced within the Neonatal Intensive Care setting for over ten years and have also worked with pediatric patients in inpatient, outpatient, pediatric intensive care unit and outpatient lactation settings to include all developmental care and wound care.  I am  Neurodevelopmentally (NDT)/Bobath Trained in the Eight Week Course of the Treatment of Children with Cerebral Palsy (for more information please see http://www.ndta.org), am a trained provider of Debra Beckman’s Oral Motor Assessment and Intervention,  am a Certified Examiner of Marjorie Palmer’s Neonatal Oral Motor Assessment Scale and have completed the educational requirements for RTS Bereavement Training in pregnancy and newborn loss. I have started on a journey  learning myofasical release with John Barnes, PT and have taken a course in Brain Gym.  There are also many other courses, but I feel those are the most relevant ones to list here!  I have also been  an International  Board Certified Lactation Consultant  (IBCLC) since 2009 and a volunteer breastfeeding counselor since 2004.

I completed my Foundation Studies in the Arts and Anthroposophy through Antioch University in 2012-2013, which is the basic training one must take before going to Waldorf Teacher Training.  I have also attended workshops with Suzanne Down, Donna Simmons and Rainbow Rosenbloom of Live Education, along with many other workshops at our local Waldorf school from varying traveling anthroposophists.  I have also attended study groups in relation to Waldorf education and anthroposophy.  I co-founded and helped lead a Waldorf homeschooling group in my local area for six years, until 2013. I have done public speaking, phone and email consulting, and have written articles and provided interviews for publication regarding Waldorf homeschooling.

One of my current interests is Environmental Education, and I am a member of the Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia and attend their conferences in order to further my own knowledge of how environmental education fits into Waldorf homeschooling and Waldorf Education.

Now that you know who I am, I am looking forward to getting to know you.  Let us walk through these passageways of parenting together!

Many blessings,


Please contact me at carrie@theparentingpassageway.com.  Please be patient when you email as I sometimes have a high volume of email to answer and I pray and meditate on each email before responding. Thank you for being my reader!  Many blessings!