How To Plan Waldorf Homeschool Second Grade: PART ONE

I broke my no-photograph rule to post a few pictures from our Second Grade Main Lesson books…there really don’t seem to be many Second Grade Waldorf blogs out there and I wanted you all to see some examples from our work.

Below you will find the resources that I used for each block; you can also see this back post that talks about Second Grade resources  here:


Planning (two posts, one here and one link embedded in this post):


Let me make it very, very clear that I think you could focus on animal fables and legends and not do Saints at all.  I liked Saints for  my oldest, for this particular child,  so I included them.  Also, our year was more weighted toward math than language arts because that is what my child needed. Also,  know every day had movement, modeling was often included in the Main Lesson so not mentioned separately here, and handwork took place every week along with Spanish and German, and math happened nearly every day during non-math blocks for practice unless we were letting it rest…

Thanks to Lovey for taking these pictures!  Many of you remember Lovey!

I actually took a few of the pictures as well!  A miracle for me!

September: Form Drawing and Math; I took the forms from a variety of resources and used some Cherokee Trickster tales to set the stage.  The forms this year included running forms and vertical  forms  with a midline drawn and a midline present but not drawn.  Math was taken from Melisa Nielsen’s Math Ebook and Donna Simmons’ Second Grade Math book:




We also celebrated Saint Michael and Michaelmas, baking, singing and pennywhistle.  We did wet on wet painting of the geometric shapes from Donna Simmons’ Second Grade Math Book.

October: LA Block, Aesop’s Fables – find free on Internet and flesh out for three-day rhythm (look at Marsha Johnson’s files for examples at; continue with daily Math and weekly Form Drawing, singing and pennywhistle



November:  Math, resources as above, kept circling back to place value, carrying and borrowing; the story of Saint Martin and some other Saint stories at the end of Math lessons.




December:  Saint Nicholas – many free resources on the Internet for this one- and Saint Francis and Clare (we did a very BIG wall mural); Santa Lucia, poetry; daily math, singing and pennywhistle





Keep it simple;  you are teaching through art as your vehicle but the skill development is still there!  You must know where your child is and what you are trying to accomplish in terms of skills, and then how do I bring that actively within the things that speak to the soul development of the eight-year-old.  And don’t forget your singing, handwork, painting, modeling, games and movement!



9 thoughts on “How To Plan Waldorf Homeschool Second Grade: PART ONE

  1. HI Carrie

    My question is regarding knitting. My daughter can knit and if she wants to, can knit for a long time like when I took her to a knitting night recently with other knitters where she knitted for about 1 1/2 hours but when we are home, she won’t knit unless I ask her to and even then it is only a 4-5 rows. I don’t have time to frequently take her to events like that, so how can I have her knit longer at home?

    BTW, your daughter’s 2nd grade projects are beautiful!!! I wish I can make them. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Dana, Remind me if your daughter is first or second grade? One way to knit longer is to tell her stories and make it social – have a cup of tea, tell stories and talk. Knitting at its very best is a social activity.
      I would try to make knitting part of your homeschooling rhythm several times a week in the early afternoon and make it a tea time…
      Curious if that will help!

  2. She will be 8 in July. Story wise, I plan on doing 2nd grade work with her in the fall.

    Thanks, Carrie. I think that is great suggestion!

    • Dana -You may also see a big upswing in second grade with being eight; that happened to us…:)

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  4. Hi Carrie,
    Was wondering if you make your lesson books? I saw you have several different styles. We are planning to make our own for the first time next year, but it’s hard to find any suggestions or recommendations.

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