How To Plan Waldorf Homeschool Second Grade: Part Two

You can find Part One to this post here:

I broke my “no-photographs” rule simply because there are not many blogs with examples of Waldorf Second Grade and I wanted to show some sample works. 


January: More poetry. Snowy Village Math from Marsha Johnson’s files and I told Russian Fairy Tales at the end of the Math lessons (also from Marsha Johnson), cooking, singing and pennywhistle – here we again went over place value, carrying and borrowing and multiplication and division



Russian alphabet to go with Russian fairy tales:


February:  Saints and Heroes from Donna Simmons and a few I picked based on Donna’s suggestions in the back of this book; special attention to word families, writing, painting and drawing –  one of these shows just a simple summary because we did a wet-on-wet painting as our artistic work for Finn MacCool.  Math rested during this month except for daily practice of math in Circle Time.



March:  Math – mixture of Melisa Nielsen’s Math Ebook and Donna Simmons’ Second Grade math; math skills as above along with money.



The week around Saint Patrick’s Day we did The Leprechuan Factor Trees of Ireland from Marsha Johnson’s files, first with a lovely drawing before we made our addition  factor trees:


And then those wild little  leprechuans traveled to the mysterious Multiplication Island where the multiplication factor trees grow; a TROPICAL island in the middle of an Irish lake..LOL.  Here is a leprechuan cobbling shoes on the back of a giraffe!



March was also Lent and crafts, weekly form drawing, wet on wet painting, the story of Saint Patrick.

April:  We did a block on Earth, Water, Fire and Air – I used stories from , including one I found on Saint Kentigern and The Robin that involved the element of fire, lots of hands-on activities, weekly form drawing, pennywhistle and singing, math rested.



May:  Math from Marsha Johnson’s files  using “Watercraft of the World” as a theme,  more poetry and singing and pennywhistle, wet on wet painting, weekly form drawing, gardening.


Here we counted dates and grouped them in twos and fives, and re-visited our three, four  and six times table with the help of  our hippo friends and the sails..… (these are dates along the top of this picture that we were counting –  we were working with the two-sailed lateens that sailed along the Nile River, and the dates and barley that were agricultural products in this area).  Note the hasty work in this drawing compared to the other drawings… you can really tell the difference between outlining and just building the picture up in layers with the crayon.



June:  Saints from “Stories of the Saints” , review of work

Anyway, hope that helps provide a few resources for next year for those of you with rising second-graders.

Many blessings,


7 thoughts on “How To Plan Waldorf Homeschool Second Grade: Part Two

  1. This was such an inspiring post! I’ve been reading Marsha Johnson’s pages for a while now but feeling very tentative about how to put them into practice. Your post was extremely inspiring and we sat today and worked away.

  2. I’m thinking of using Marsha Johnson’s Watercraft of the World block and Russian Fairy Tales block. Do you recommend them? Is there anything you’d change or add? I’m planning our third grade year and would love to hear any tidbits of info since you’ve used these blocks, at least in part.


    • Sarah, I would have to go back and look through my notes and see what I changed, but I think I stuck pretty well to what was laid out and just adjusted the skill level up and down as my particular child needed. We had a really good time with the Watercraft of the World one, and I know my oldest still remembers making Baba Yaga egg salad!

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