Plans for Waldorf Homeschooling Second Grade

For those of you finishing up Second Grade planning, Eva over at Untrodden Paths has just posted her Second Grade layout of blocks and I thought you all might be interested in how she did it here:

Her blog is beautiful, head on over and say hello!

Jen over at Ancient Hearth also just posted her Second Grade plans here:  She has some great read-alouds that are traditional for Waldorf Grade 2 along with some of my favorites…Peter and Annali and Min!  Yay!

For those of you looking for how I laid out Second Grade, here is a back post to get you started:

For those of you who are not aware, there is a Yahoo!Group for mothers planning their Second Grade experiences here:

We have been having a discussion on the Second Grade Yahoo!Group regarding trickster tales…..The next time I do Second Grade, I think I am going to do an entire block of Anansi the Spider tales from the book by Philip Sherlock.  I think I would also add a block of Celtic Fairy Tales (we did Russian Fairy Tales which is also enjoyable!)…   I have some other thoughts as well for the next time around because the child coming up to Second Grade is different than the child who just finished Second Grade.  That is the joy of homeschooling, that we can tailor things to each individual child!

Many blessings,


1 thought on “Plans for Waldorf Homeschooling Second Grade

  1. Hi Carrie-

    I just found this link on you always inspiring blog! I’m ½ way thru second with my son, but wonder if this would be a place for idea swapping and such?

    Could you tell me a little more about it. We are using the Christopherus curriculum and then some other supplemental stuff from Native American stories, Jataka Tales, and west African tales etc. My son also attends an all outdoor Wilderness Awareness school (which they call invisible school) once a week.

    Thanks much,
    And also, Thank you so very much for the time you put into your blog. I started blogging last year and really would love to know when you find the time to keep up. I’m still trying to find a way it will work for me as I love going back thru and taking a moment each week to capture and reflect on where we are.


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