Waldorf Second Grade Handwork

In Waldorf Second Grade, I believe in working with casting on, knit stitch, casting off, and the simple sewing necessary to finish a project.  I strongly believe both purling and dry needle felting should be left alone until the nine year change.  You can see more about the indications for Waldorf Handwork, written by our homeschool group’s wonderful, wonderful Handwork Teacher here: https://theparentingpassageway.com/2010/03/28/handwork/ 

I feel very, very fortunate to have found a Waldorf Handwork teacher whose views are similar to mine, and I am thrilled she is part of our homeschooling group. 

Here are some of the projects my second grader has done this year:


Above:  A special pouch necklace to hold treasures!

Below:  A sachet; slip your favorite- smelling tea bag inside!


Below:  A rainbow ball


Below:  A child-sized scarf:


Below:  A scarf for Beloved Bear!


In progress right now is a doll poncho, since the scarf for Beloved Bear is now finished. 

Hope this gives mothers out there some ideas for longer and shorter projects for the second grade year.



7 thoughts on “Waldorf Second Grade Handwork

  1. What great ideas for projects. My oldest is just coming up on 7. While she is capable of more than the first grade work, I can see the second grade work would be frustrating for her in so many ways. It gives me the confidence to have her, “repeat” a grade level as we transition into a full Waldorf model for next year. Thank you for your wisdom.

  2. What wonderful projects. We’re just about to start First Grade, so I have a little time … do you have any suggestions for a mom who’s terrible at knitting? I can do a basic stitch, but beyond that … terrible. Any resources that might help me so that I can teach my daughter next year? She’s so excited to learn.

    • Teryn,
      Some moms have taught themselves with books or over the Internet videos, but I think it is best to learn from a person. Do you have a yarn shop nearby? All you need for first grade is to be able to cast on, knitch stitch, and cast off, and simple sewing…but it is nice to learn to be that “one step” ahead of your child.


  3. Great projects Carrie! The treasure necklace is just so sweet! My second grader and I are still knitting in squares and rectangles – lots of wash clothes and little blankets so today I signed us up for a lesson with a lady from a nearby yarn shop! We are so excited to take our knitting to the next level!!!!

    • Apple, you possibly could turn some of those squares at night into little stuffed animals..chickens come to mind, maybe a robin with a red patch sewn on the breast..maybe the fairies could come at night and change a square into an animal?

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