Ascension Day In The Waldorf Home

We are at the end of our time of renewal between Easter and Ascension as Ascension is almost here!  I hope you had a wonderful time of renewal, and do stay tuned for a short blog post tomorrow as to what we will be covering the rest of May and into June! 

Ascension celebrates what is mentioned in Acts 1:2-12, where the Risen Christ was “taken up” into the Heavens and a cloud received Him.  “All Year Round” points out that on Easter morning, Mary Magdalene found what she was looking for in the garden, a place where Water brings life to Earth, and that on Ascension, the disciples looked steadfastly toward Heaven where amongst the clouds Water and Air elements mix together to create renewal for our planet.

I love this quote from “All Year Round”, and I think it says a lot about the “renewal” we focused on this Ascensiontide: “Between the common ground of our daily life and the vaulted heights of our ideals, the longings of our heart swell like summer clouds.  They may be shapeless and ill-defined at first, but if they take on form and substance  they can begin to shine for us, become an inspiration, a “castle in the air” that builds its own foundation on the earth.  By freeing our thoughts into a mobile landscape of the clouds, we may find our own life-landscape refreshed and reaffirmed.”

Here are a few ideas for celebrating Ascension:

  • Hike to a hilltop and watch the clouds, see mist falling
  • Look for shapes in the clouds, observe cloud formations
  • Tell stories about dandelions; pick dandelions and blow the seeds with their stars out into the world.
  • Play games with a giant parachute
  • Make toys for summer air, like flying streamer bags, streamers on sticks,
  • Tell the story of “Forgetful Sammy” from the back of “All Year Round” (for children ages four through age eight).  
  • “Festivals With Children” by Brigitte Barz  discusses finding a print from the Middle Ages where many representations of Ascension were created and displaying this on the Nature Table.  She recommends using a green cloth on the table, with the Easter candle present and having a bouquet of colorful meadow flowers with a small number of golden stars beneath the bouquet as a symbol of heavenly forces now coming to earth.

Hope that gives you some ideas for celebrating Ascension with your small children.

Many blessings,


5 thoughts on “Ascension Day In The Waldorf Home

  1. So very beautiful, Carrie… and so wonderful of you to post about this very important time we are moving toward tomorrow. A time that often goes unmentioned after Easter.

    It is very special to us in our home and our religion.. the Ascension marks for us a transition time – a time of lightness, of release.. of surrender and letting go… of hope and faith in the human race…

    On a personal level, the clouds and their formation speak so deeply to me… I believe they send us clear defined messages :)…

    Beautiful post – thank you!

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