April Joy

This month has been a month of high temperatures (80s F) and lows with frost! Such an odd and tumultuous month of weather, which is kind of matching my soul as we finish up school, balance the outside activities and work, and get down to business on the farm with pasture management and project ideas for spring. Sometimes life and parenting is like a little roller coaster! 🙂

This is normally a month of great beauty and joy – the springtime of creation.  The plants and flowers are bursting anew; the sun is out more often and the temperatures are (hopefully) rising.  The world seems fresh and full of possibilities.  In this sense, I too am excited to begin anew.

In our family, we will be celebrating:

April 4- Martin Luther King Jr’s Feast Day in the Episcopal Church

April 10- Palm Sunday

April 11-16 Holy Week

April 17 Easter

and getting ready for Ascension Day, which is May 26th and the Rogation Days of the Episcopal Church, which are the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday that precede Ascension.  If you are planning ahead as well, try this back post on Rogation Days and this back post on Ascension Day

What I thinking about in the home:

Spring Cleaning and Deep Cleaning.  I am busy cleaning out boxes and things in our basement from our move a year ago. We never got to totally unpack as our kitchen needs to be remodeled, but I am determined to go through all the other things – homeschool books galore! Here is a post on Housecleaning and Homeschooling and a favorite on  An Ordered Outer World for a Peaceful Family

Spring Crafting –  I have some great projects on my Spring Pinterest Board but what I am most interested in crafting this month and next is our garden and some landscaping. We have a lot of trees and debris to clear away on this land, but I want to move forward as much as possible!

Spring Self-care – So excited to be walking a lot recently and enjoying moving. Farm chores are also a great way to keep moving!

Renewal – My husband and I will be married for 30 years on May 30th. We rarely get to do anything by ourselves, but I am hopeful we can do something, even if it is later in the year to celebrate.

Homeschool planning – our middle child will be a high school senior in the fall, so we are mainly looking at colleges. I am busy planning seventh grade for our third child! Can’t wait to share those plans here as I am taking a little bit of a different path than I did the first two times through seventh grade. 🙂

Looking forward to summer – Our college aged child will be home for her last summer at home. Next summer she will be in internships and then graduating and off to a job, so it seems fleeting. So, I am very excited to have everyone home for this summer and plan to enjoy it fully!

Can’t wait to hear what you are up to!



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