There’s Nothing Wrong With You!

I see so many mothers who are hard on themselves. So hard!

Just stop.

There isn’t anything wrong with you.

We all have quirks, things to learn, things to do differently, ways to grow. When did it become so difficult to do things less than “perfect” in parenting and whose idea of perfect is this? I don’t think any previous generations of parents lived under this amount of societal and self-imposed stress. We are all never done learning and developing and growing if we have enough self-awareness!

We also all have moments where we handle situations just right, where we know we really helped our partner or child navigate something, where we handled something difficult in love.

As women, we rarely extend the love and caring and encouragement we give to others to ourselves. Throughout the years, I have said the same things over and over – if you can feel kind and loving towards yourself and the other adults in your house, if you can really see your child as they are and do what you can to bring health and balance, if you understand human development, if you approach things with love, connection, and gratitude even in times of conflict, if you build a home life with healthy boundaries, if you connect to outside and nature – then there you go. I think those things go a long way to help ourselves and our family members thrive. I have so many back posts on childhood development and health!

You can use a rhythm to help give yourself the gift of time and space in order to take care of yourself, to have fun, and to do the things that are meaningful to you as a human being. Rhythm is a vital key and it is easy to lose with older children and teenagers. You may have to strive in this area in order to help yourself thrive!

You are just enough. You are what your children and family needs. There is nothing wrong with you. Let your love and your light shine!



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