My Notebook

I started out a long time ago with a “Control Journal” as suggested from Flylady (  This is essentially suggested to be a binder with your household routines and such in it.    I still have it, and mine is mainly  now divided into sections for phone numbers,  directories for the neighborhood, some deep cleaning routines/checkliststs and dinner menu plans I printed out from my membership at

Then I read this book during the last trimester of my third pregnancy  (“Becoming The Woman God Wants Me To Be” by Donna Patrow):  I cannot say I loved all of the advice in the book.  As a physical therapist and someone who took many, many college-level nutrition courses, I was particularly and seriously concerned about the exercise and nutrition advice offered in this book.  But, this book did instill a further inspiration for that “inner work” we are always talking about with parenting and Waldorf homeschooling.  All of us need a “nudge” to keep on track!  I pulled out two other books that were inspiring to me in the past, “The Power of A Praying Wife” by Stormie OMartian (  and this one, The Power of A Positive Mom” by Karol Ladd ( .  These two books provide me much inspiration when I need it. I combined some of the things from those books along with the idea of making a binder as mentioned in “Becoming the Woman God Wants Me To Be” and made a sort of household notebook with sections that also fulfill my penchant for being a prayer warrior and my inner work.

So, when you open up my binder, the first thing you see is my Personal Vision Statement and our Family Mission Statement.  The entire first section is “Power Tools” of inspiring quotes, Affirmations, a page of Scripture Memory Verses, prayer lists for people outside our immediate family and prayer lists for the immediate family.

The other sections are:

Personal:    Our weekly rhythm, Cleaning Routines/Checklists, Evening Routines, to-do list

My Husband (I have personalized daily prayers there for my husband based upon some of the areas mentioned in “The Power of A Praying Wife”)

My Children (separate prayer lists for each of the three children)

Household (seasonal deep cleaning checklists, menu for the week, recipes for the week)

Projects (typically this includes lectures of Steiner’s I have printed out and am in the midst of reading)

A Section for Melisa Nielsen’s “Be A Beacon” Program

I use this binder two to three times a day or more as I pray for people and take some moments in the midst of our busy day to connect to my Creator.

Inner work is so important; if you make this a priority you will reap many benefits in your parenting, your homeschooling and your life!




6 thoughts on “My Notebook

  1. How wonderful – I absolutely love your posts – and now I know that you also follow Flylady -Wow!!!! I have been a little shy to mention her in Steiner contexts … she has been my private saviour for years (not that I would say I am a pin up girl for her method – hee hee LOL!)

    My recent spiritual path has been more Buddhist inspired (after a catholic upbringing and a complete severance with religion).

    Waldorf and having a 4 year old have brought me back closer to Christianity more than anything…

  2. thanks for sharing your notebook. i started one inspired by the writings over at simplemom and i am in the process of revamping so it fits my daily needs a little better. i always LOVE hearing what is working for other full time mama’s…

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