Seventh Grade Planning

So, I have laid out my general plans for seventh grade. This is the advantage of having taught this grade twice before in a Waldorf style – I still have my notes, which is very helpful. One of the years I went through seventh year I put a week by week summary on this blog, so you can access those older posts.

I want to really focus on geography and the interaction of people with where they live throughout this year, so I plan on doing a little geography throughout the year. Every day we will do math practice and geography. We also have a focus on writing as our son just became interested in writing more recently, and I want to focus on that for preparation for high school work.

With middle schoolers, I feel I often turn the main lesson rhythm found in Waldorf on its head and often begin with something hands on, working side by side, bringing in the sort of presentation piece or more of a Socratic method of questioning and then ending with the academic writing.

Our plans to begin our new school year in August look like this at this point. I am saving physiology for eighth grade.

Week One  August 8-12 – Physics

Week Two August 15-19 – Physics

Week Three August 22-26 Physics

Week Four  August 29-September 2 – Math Main Lesson

Week Five September 5-9 – Math Main Lesson

Week Six  September 12-16 Math Main Lesson

Week Seven  September 19-23 The Life of Buddha


Week  Eight October 3-7- Renaissance

Week Nine October 10-14 – Renaissance

Week Ten October 17-21  – Renaissance

Week Eleven  October 24-28 – Renaissance and Father-Son Trip

Week Twelve  October 31-November 4 – Perspective Drawing

Week Thirteen November 7-11 – Perspective Drawing

Week Fourteen November 14-18 – Catch Up Week


Week Fifteen November 28-December 2 – Astronomy and Navigation

Week Sixteen December 5-9 – Astronomy and Navigation

Week Seventeen  December 12-16  – Astronomy and Navigation


Week Eighteen  January 5/6 – Grammar and Writing

Week Nineteen January 9-13 – Grammar and Writing

Week Twenty January 16-January 20 – Grammar and Writing

Week Twenty One January 23-27 – Chemistry

Week Twenty Two January 30-February 3 – Chemistry

Week Twenty Three February 6-February 10 – Chemistry


Week Twenty Four  February 20-24- Math Main Lesson

Week Twenty Five February 27-March 3- Math Main Lesson

Week Twenty Six March 6-10- Math Main Lesson

Week Twenty Seven March 13-17 – American Colonial Times

Week Twenty Eight March 20-24 – American Colonial Times

Week Twenty Nine March 27-31 – American Colonial Times


Week Thirty  April 10-14 – Writing

Week Thirty One April 17-21 – Writing

Week Thirty Two April 24-28 – Writing

Week Thirty Three May 1-5 -Writing

Week Thirty Four May 8-12 – Catch Up Week

I am excited for this coming year. It promises to be full of friends, family, horses, 4H, church activities and other fun things!

Are you planning yet for fall? If you blog, please share a link below!



Eastertide New Beginnings: Rhythm

Rhythm is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give your family. It doesn’t just need to be set by a parent; instead it can be set as a family according to family priorities, and it should also be nourishing to ALL members of the family.

People get upset at the idea of rhythm because I think they feel it will be constraining. Rhythm, to me, isn’t so much as “do x at y time” but a general flow and a look at the day, the week, the month, the year.

I like to plan rhythm in a year/month format on a large piece of paper that I divide into twelve squares. In each monthly square I can write down what we usually celebrate under that month, and also things I associate with each month (examples – strawberry picking, lake days, light displays at the Winter holidays, etc). I also use this in my adult life! Today, I wrote down in my calendar that April is kind of crazy so I remember to do something a bit different next year and to be sure to take Easter Monday off of work next year! LOL.

Daily rhythm doesn’t have to be complicated. For those of you with small children, just getting through the day with rising, breakfast and clean up, personal hygiene, play, eating and napping, play, dinner, bath, bedtime – well, that’s all you need along with some songs, fingerplays, and a smile. 🙂

Older children can have more complicated rhythms but I would encourage you to step in for those under the 16 year old developmental change (and some 17 year olds may still also need help) and help them craft a rhythm that reflects a balance between head, heart, hands. Where is the bodily movement? Are they learning and expanding their minds? Are they helping the family and helping others? Where is their community of people?

The rhythms in the house should even nourish the adults. If every bit of the rhythm is geared around the children, where is the time and space for you as a person? For you with the other adults in the house? Time with your spouse? Time with your parents or extended family? Time is our most precious commodity. Many of us have children and aging parents and understand this all too well.

Rhythm can be a great source of renewal and a great source of joy – you really can have and make time to have fun! Living together is wonderful.

I would love to hear about your Eastertide New Beginnings!


The Fallow Waiting

As I write this, it has been a long night of rain and thunderstorms. Our little rescue dog woke up at 4 AM shaking with fear with the thunder; sleep would have to wait. I am looking out from our kitchen table over the pastures seeing the green of spring and waiting for things to dry a bit to take our horses out. I am waiting this morning, just as today is a day of waiting in the Christian calendar for Easter tomorrow.

Every year I find the period of Holy Week hard. I am not sure why, but it always feels like a week that is tumultuous internally as I wrestle with myself, wrestle with the things I wish I could change about myself or whatever is happening and often feel deeply attacked spiritually. It’s a week of sacred work, but all on the inside so no one knows except me. Sometimes I can feel like a butterfly ready to emerge. Perhaps that is part of the Easter cycle, of the seasonal cycle, of being human.

Are you also in a period of waiting?

Maybe you are waiting for something to happen with a job or housing.
Maybe you are waiting to see if something your child is going through is a developmental phase or something more.

Maybe you are waiting and trying to envision new ways of holding outer routines, outer responses to family dynamics.

Maybe you are waiting on forming or implementing large changes in yourself and your family, whether on a physical level such as forming healthier habits for you and your family, or changing something internally about yourself.

I see you.

I think the things that are healthiest for ourselves is also healthiest for our families and supports and nourishes all the members of our household no matter what our struggles. If we get enough sleep, eat healthy whole foods, get sunshine and physical movement, cut down screen time (or, in the case of children, cut the screens out), connect with and love one another, find a way to nurture ourselves physically; then most things seem to go better or at least we are in a position to respond to things better.

Learning to calm ourselves is a large task as many of us feel anxious, depressed, or possibly even angry about things in our lives or with people in our lives. Finding connections and boundaries to support ourselves is wholly human and fundamental.

So, in this period of waiting before Easter, I am wishing you love, support, healthy habits, connection.

Many blessings on this day of waiting,


April Joy

This month has been a month of high temperatures (80s F) and lows with frost! Such an odd and tumultuous month of weather, which is kind of matching my soul as we finish up school, balance the outside activities and work, and get down to business on the farm with pasture management and project ideas for spring. Sometimes life and parenting is like a little roller coaster! 🙂

This is normally a month of great beauty and joy – the springtime of creation.  The plants and flowers are bursting anew; the sun is out more often and the temperatures are (hopefully) rising.  The world seems fresh and full of possibilities.  In this sense, I too am excited to begin anew.

In our family, we will be celebrating:

April 4- Martin Luther King Jr’s Feast Day in the Episcopal Church

April 10- Palm Sunday

April 11-16 Holy Week

April 17 Easter

and getting ready for Ascension Day, which is May 26th and the Rogation Days of the Episcopal Church, which are the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday that precede Ascension.  If you are planning ahead as well, try this back post on Rogation Days and this back post on Ascension Day

What I thinking about in the home:

Spring Cleaning and Deep Cleaning.  I am busy cleaning out boxes and things in our basement from our move a year ago. We never got to totally unpack as our kitchen needs to be remodeled, but I am determined to go through all the other things – homeschool books galore! Here is a post on Housecleaning and Homeschooling and a favorite on  An Ordered Outer World for a Peaceful Family

Spring Crafting –  I have some great projects on my Spring Pinterest Board but what I am most interested in crafting this month and next is our garden and some landscaping. We have a lot of trees and debris to clear away on this land, but I want to move forward as much as possible!

Spring Self-care – So excited to be walking a lot recently and enjoying moving. Farm chores are also a great way to keep moving!

Renewal – My husband and I will be married for 30 years on May 30th. We rarely get to do anything by ourselves, but I am hopeful we can do something, even if it is later in the year to celebrate.

Homeschool planning – our middle child will be a high school senior in the fall, so we are mainly looking at colleges. I am busy planning seventh grade for our third child! Can’t wait to share those plans here as I am taking a little bit of a different path than I did the first two times through seventh grade. 🙂

Looking forward to summer – Our college aged child will be home for her last summer at home. Next summer she will be in internships and then graduating and off to a job, so it seems fleeting. So, I am very excited to have everyone home for this summer and plan to enjoy it fully!

Can’t wait to hear what you are up to!



There’s Nothing Wrong With You!

I see so many mothers who are hard on themselves. So hard!

Just stop.

There isn’t anything wrong with you.

We all have quirks, things to learn, things to do differently, ways to grow. When did it become so difficult to do things less than “perfect” in parenting and whose idea of perfect is this? I don’t think any previous generations of parents lived under this amount of societal and self-imposed stress. We are all never done learning and developing and growing if we have enough self-awareness!

We also all have moments where we handle situations just right, where we know we really helped our partner or child navigate something, where we handled something difficult in love.

As women, we rarely extend the love and caring and encouragement we give to others to ourselves. Throughout the years, I have said the same things over and over – if you can feel kind and loving towards yourself and the other adults in your house, if you can really see your child as they are and do what you can to bring health and balance, if you understand human development, if you approach things with love, connection, and gratitude even in times of conflict, if you build a home life with healthy boundaries, if you connect to outside and nature – then there you go. I think those things go a long way to help ourselves and our family members thrive. I have so many back posts on childhood development and health!

You can use a rhythm to help give yourself the gift of time and space in order to take care of yourself, to have fun, and to do the things that are meaningful to you as a human being. Rhythm is a vital key and it is easy to lose with older children and teenagers. You may have to strive in this area in order to help yourself thrive!

You are just enough. You are what your children and family needs. There is nothing wrong with you. Let your love and your light shine!