Seventh Grade Planning

So, I have laid out my general plans for seventh grade. This is the advantage of having taught this grade twice before in a Waldorf style – I still have my notes, which is very helpful. One of the years I went through seventh year I put a week by week summary on this blog, so you can access those older posts.

I want to really focus on geography and the interaction of people with where they live throughout this year, so I plan on doing a little geography throughout the year. Every day we will do math practice and geography. We also have a focus on writing as our son just became interested in writing more recently, and I want to focus on that for preparation for high school work.

With middle schoolers, I feel I often turn the main lesson rhythm found in Waldorf on its head and often begin with something hands on, working side by side, bringing in the sort of presentation piece or more of a Socratic method of questioning and then ending with the academic writing.

Our plans to begin our new school year in August look like this at this point. I am saving physiology for eighth grade.

Week One  August 8-12 – Physics

Week Two August 15-19 – Physics

Week Three August 22-26 Physics

Week Four  August 29-September 2 – Math Main Lesson

Week Five September 5-9 – Math Main Lesson

Week Six  September 12-16 Math Main Lesson

Week Seven  September 19-23 The Life of Buddha


Week  Eight October 3-7- Renaissance

Week Nine October 10-14 – Renaissance

Week Ten October 17-21  – Renaissance

Week Eleven  October 24-28 – Renaissance and Father-Son Trip

Week Twelve  October 31-November 4 – Perspective Drawing

Week Thirteen November 7-11 – Perspective Drawing

Week Fourteen November 14-18 – Catch Up Week


Week Fifteen November 28-December 2 – Astronomy and Navigation

Week Sixteen December 5-9 – Astronomy and Navigation

Week Seventeen  December 12-16  – Astronomy and Navigation


Week Eighteen  January 5/6 – Grammar and Writing

Week Nineteen January 9-13 – Grammar and Writing

Week Twenty January 16-January 20 – Grammar and Writing

Week Twenty One January 23-27 – Chemistry

Week Twenty Two January 30-February 3 – Chemistry

Week Twenty Three February 6-February 10 – Chemistry


Week Twenty Four  February 20-24- Math Main Lesson

Week Twenty Five February 27-March 3- Math Main Lesson

Week Twenty Six March 6-10- Math Main Lesson

Week Twenty Seven March 13-17 – American Colonial Times

Week Twenty Eight March 20-24 – American Colonial Times

Week Twenty Nine March 27-31 – American Colonial Times


Week Thirty  April 10-14 – Writing

Week Thirty One April 17-21 – Writing

Week Thirty Two April 24-28 – Writing

Week Thirty Three May 1-5 -Writing

Week Thirty Four May 8-12 – Catch Up Week

I am excited for this coming year. It promises to be full of friends, family, horses, 4H, church activities and other fun things!

Are you planning yet for fall? If you blog, please share a link below!



6 thoughts on “Seventh Grade Planning

    • HI SMB!
      I am so excited you are here! What grade are you doing? I can point out resources because I have been through all the grades at least once. I also have back posts for every grade and every block in every grade under the Homeschool header or use the search engine box. For this grade, I created my own content so I will be posting as we go along! Blessings, Carrie

  1. Hi Carrie! Since we last spoke about working Celestial Navigation and Oceania in with Astronomy, I’ve found a slender little book that does a good job of introducing the connections between them. It is called A Gift from the Past by James Rumford.

    I also found some lesson plans (National Geographic, University of Hawai’i) which I put in my blog post:

    • Thank you for sharing this, Renee! That little book sounds amazing, and I am looking forward to checking out your blog post!

  2. Hi Carrie,

    What a great plan. I’m also planning grade 7 for my older son. We started building on writing this year, with a basic five paragraph essay — it just takes 3 good sentences to make a paragraph, and being much like the summaries we’ve been writing all along, it was an empowering segue to more researched based writing!

    What are your resources for astronomy? I think Christopherus does a year long lesson throughout the seasons but shipping to Canada isn’t guaranteed.

    For history, we tried Oak Meadow and my son likes leading his way through it. He’s getting very good at recapitulating, so that’s how we catch up and discuss what he’s read. Is your approach in the middle grades to still lead lessons like when they were younger?

    If you have the time to reply, thank you!

    Warmly, Elizabeth Palermo

    • HI Elizabeth! Great plans – thank you for sharing! 🙂
      I have LOTS of astronomy resources, so if you use the search engine box and search astronomy, lots should come up! 🙂

      I do like to present lessons still, although I am not opposed to having select things to read as well. I think we often need to have our children practice reading things, especially nonfiction facts and nonfiction narratives, and have them be able to pick out the facts, main idea, etc.
      I will be posting some plans here – Many blessings to you! Carrie

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