A Parenting Plan

I talk a lot about planning for homeschooling on this blog, but today I would like to talk about developing a  plan for parenting.  How does one go about helping the child and the family love and have joy together?  

This is how my personal planning for parenting goes, and perhaps this outline will help you develop your own plan for your own family:


Think of the four areas that are predominate in the child’s life:  the spiritual, the educational element (not just “school” but real-life common sense, etc), the element of work within the family life (and as the child is maturing perhaps the notion of work outside of the family), and relationships within and outside of the family.  This idea is from Rick Johnson’s “That’s My Son”, but I think it is applicable for all children, both genders.

Next, assess where your child is.  What seven-year-stage are they in?  What techniques can one use within this stage most effectively? 

Ask yourself, where is my child in each area right now and where are they going to be in the next six months?  This can be difficult if this is your first child since you may not have a great sense of the “big picture”, but try to think about this.  Meditate and pray on it. 

What areas are most challenging for my child right now?  What would make this better?  What needs to happen not only from my child, but from me, from other family members to help this child?

Then the plan comes in.  How could I help uplift my child to the next level, past this challenge?  How can I envision and think of this child at the next level?  How am I keeping my heart open with this child, and how I am showing this child my emotional warmth and love?  What is my plan?

Who do I need to help with my plan?  Do I need a mentor for my child?  Does my child need to learn a particular skill? 

I find this really helpful when I meditate and pray about each of my children, and then I add my notes to my Homemaking Notebook. 

Live big and love your children,



6 thoughts on “A Parenting Plan

  1. That’s me! I keep a “Peaceful Parenting” notebook. I didn’t grow up in a peaceful environment and I feel a strong call to cultivate peace within myself and in my home. I recently read the book Anger by Robert Thurman and he sums up what I’m trying to do: “The most important work of our generations for our world is to use a new level of introspective insight and self-mastery to break the chain of descent of inherited personal, family, and cultural violence of mind, speech, and body.” My notebook gives me a place to work all of this out.

    What’s in my “Peaceful Parenting” notebook? Basically everything that assists me in embodying peace: a mission statement; daily meditations; notes from online talks; lots of notes from the Parenting Passageway; lots of notes from books on parenting, anger, gentle discipline; lots of inner work; quotes/mantras/thoughts from others; a prayer list; self-care reminders; a few poems…. It is where I go to stay mindful and to re-connect when I’ve lost my way.

    And the inspiration for all of this came from you, Carrie! Thank you!

    Blessings, Elizabeth.

    • Elizabeth – It was YOU! I am so delighted! Thank you for sharing your wonderful, wonderful, idea with the mothers out there. I know you are inspiring a lot of people tonight with your parenting notebook!
      Many blessings!!
      Carrie 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness! I have been inspired once again! Elizabeth, thank you for sharing your notebook and the details. I have a “Childhood Magic Notebook” where I keep a annual calendar of sorts of magical things I want to share with my girls. But I am going to add your touch and the touch of this blog.

    Your children are so fortunate to have such mindful, loving mothers who don’t take a minute for granted. Thank you for helping me on this journey of motherhood. Many, many blessings!!

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