A Little Linky Love and Previews!

Thank you to  my top 11 referrers for the past 30 days (uh, why top 11?  I don’t know – just to be quirky I guess!)

www.daguanyan.5d6d.com (This looks like this is in Chinese!  Hello over there! 🙂  I have not Google translated you, so I have no idea what you are discussing, LOL but welcome and hello!)

www.catherine-et-les-fees.blogspot.com (Hello Canada!)







www.inspire.com   — preemie discussion group (Hi there, fellow mothers of preemies!  Yes, I think I have mentioned here before that I was born prematurely, my professional background was 12 years in NICU work as a developmental/feeding therapist and one of my children was also born premature!  Hello there!)



So, this past month we covered A LOT of ground from boys to temperaments to “Discipline Without Distress” to parenting plans to the foundational years of ages 9-12, to planning for homeschool.  Hard to top!

For July, we will be finishing up that very last chapter in “Discipline Without Distress”, starting “Hold On To Your Kids”, and taking a month-long focus on marriage- what makes a good marriage, what can be done to strengthen marriages, communication in marriage and more!  I hope you will enjoy it.

Also looking for continued feedback as to what you would like to see in this space!

Live big and love your children,



One thought on “A Little Linky Love and Previews!

  1. Dear Carrie,
    I would love to see a post on encouraging positive sibling relationships. I want so much for my 2 and 6 year old to be good friends and would appreciate any wisdom you may have to share on that. Thanks! –Marianne

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