31 Days to the Inner Rhythm of the Heart: Day Eighteen

Our 31 days to the inner rhythm of the heart, the root foundation of a house of peace, is in progress.  In the vein of those who are setting a New Year’s intention with “one word”, I offer the word of today to you: boundaries.   Read on for more

If you take the values and priorities of your family, you will automatically find the places where boundaries matter.  Boundaries will matter because they will help back up your vision for your family.  It is not enough to say that you don’t want yelling in your home.  It must be what you value and want to promote instead of yelling.  This will help help you be “relentless” (remember that word from day six in this series?)  in your pursuit.

Boundaries are also exceedingly important because many mothers tell me that they are, in fact, patient….the first ten times they deal with an issue or challenge with their children.  It is by the time the child has looked for the boundary for the twentieth or fiftieth time that they begin to yell.

The important thing with boundaries is to – Continue reading