Third Grade and The Nine Year Change

Well, this year in Third Grade has been an interesting ride.  I have some advice for all of you coming up to Third Grade, but please keep in mind I am only basing this on my personal experience and your child may not experience any of this at all.

Nine is the age of DOING.  I read that over and over and over places, did my best to put it into practice with practical life skills, music and singing, crafts, handwork, doing math with games and hands-on application in addition to more regular work.

And it was interesting, because it seemed as if nine has been one large outbreath.  It was an age of writing and drawing skills regressing for my child, to the point where she looked at her Second Grade Main Lesson books and said, “I did a much better job last year.”

It was the year of “Mommy, I am trying to be careful and not rush……but I just want to be done.”

It was the year of frustrations and tears in the late fall especially, and now things seem to have evened out.

So, here are my suggestions:

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    Many blessings to all,

7 thoughts on “Third Grade and The Nine Year Change

  1. Thank you Carrie, This has been on my mind a lot. Ever since Lyra turned 8. Next year we will have a new baby and a nine year old, and I can already feel the desire of hers to be purposeful and productive but still very free. Almost as soon as she turned 8 I started to see a little disappointment when her help didnt seem to be helpful enough. I realized she less helping me with a certain project and more being the helper who does it. I think that being almost nine when they baby comes will be a fine and exciting thing, if handled mindfully. And I am happy to hear your suggestions mirror the feelings I was having for next year- a little reassurance I’m on the right track.

  2. Hi Carrie,

    I was wondering if you have anything similar on the 7-8 year changes. Perhaps I’m not searching your site properly? Can you direct me?

    Thank you!!

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  5. I have already planned my third grade year with youngest, but I wish that I had gone through some of your posts before hand(again). 🙂 I did plan a lot less for him next year and I did plan a lot of hands on activities so hopefully, I am a little more prepared the third time through third grade! I think we are in the middle of the 9 year change even though we are a few months before the age of 9. We are reading a lot of books on self confidence, self control and empathy through this change (and breathing a lot!). 🙂 I love getting the opportunity to read through “old” posts!

    • Simple Days,
      I am so glad you read the back posts sometimes! It makes me glad I leave them up here, so thank you!

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