Layout of Blocks For Waldorf Grade Three

Well, I am almost done planning for my Third Grader. This is the order of blocks I chose with some brief notes and resources.  I am not saying this is how YOU should do it, LOL.  The joy of homeschooling is to be able to pick what resonates with your family, your child and choose what works best for you.  However, perhaps seeing this layout will spark some ideas for your own family from this list!

Also, please note, my daughter is fully nine for this entire school year, so if you are doing Third Grade with an eight-year-old who turns nine during the  school year, you may consider placing the Old Testament Stories later in the year.  I think children should be fully nine  and in the throes of that nine year change in order to hear these tales and really have them resonate with them on a soul level.

If you would like to read what my overarching theme for this year is, please see this short post here and then come back:

The idea for Lessons A, B and C did come from Donna Simmons’ Christopherus Homeschool Resources Third Grade Syllabus (see here: and I am incorporating it into our rhythm this year.  I am hopeful it will work out well!

So here is the layout I am in the midst of crafting, completely subject to change as I see fit:

3 weeks Old Testament Stories (A:  Form Drawing; B Math  C (after lunch): Painting alternated with  Modeling 1 week, String Games 1 week and Cooking 1 Week)

1 week  Farming (types of soils, worms, the “perfect farm”)  (A: Handwriting  with Poetry B:  Music C:  Games)

3 weeks Math from Noah’s Ark (A:  Grammar; B Music;  C  Cooking or Crafts/Festival Preparation)

4 weeks Farming (including Farm Animals  with poetry and grammar, some of Farmer Boy, types of wood, weather) (A:  Math with focus on Time ;  B:  Music;  C: Hand-sewing)

3 weeks Old Testament Math  (A:  Grammar; B – Birds, Bats with poetry (goes with farming, in my opinion and Old Testament); C- Hand-sewing and Crafts for Holidays

3 weeks Textiles (A:  Form Drawing B;  Cooking; C: Crafts)

Break for Christmas, The Twelve Holy Nights and Epiphany

1 week textiles to finish up (Lessons A; Form Drawing B cooking; C Crafts)

3 weeks Old Testament (A:  Math B: Music or Grammar C:  Painting alternated with modeling or drama or crafts)

3 weeks Math (A: Form Drawing; B:  Grammar or possibly occupations of different people/social studies; C- Crafts or Free Play)

4 weeks Native Americans (A:  Handwriting  or  Math ; B:  Movement or Music C: Crafts)

2 weeks Building (Building Projects)

Break for Holy Week and Easter

1 Week Bees (using Jakob Streit’s book) (A:  Math B:  Music C: Gardening)

3 Weeks Insects. with lots of poetry (A:  Form Drawing B:  Math or Music C: Gardening)

3 Weeks Old Testament ending with David/Testing during this time; we will actually review a bit of this ending time in the beginning of  Fourth Grade starting with the death of Moses..I really just wanted to highlight some of the faithfulness of God in some of these stories and end with some of the Psalms attributed to  King David’s  that suggests fulfillment of our lives through community and connection with God.  My child will be close to ten by the time we do this and I think this idea of our life being spiritually fulfilling and in close intimacy with God will really speak to this particular child; when we backtrack a bit in the fall with Fourth Grade with some of these stories we will look more at the moral ambiguity and human failings part of these stories in preparation for Fifth Grade.  This will not be highlighted when I cover these stories in Third Grade.  Probably clear as mud to those outside of my mind’s ramblings… Donna Simmons talks about the reasoning behind saving some of the tales for Fourth Grade here:   Although I stopped in a slightly different place than her syllabus, I will be backtracking those last stories with the Fourth Grade Syllabus and looking at those stories in a different way.

My other note about this layout:  I really wanted to get in Farm Animals, Birds, Bees and other insects in Third Grade  so I can clear up room in Fourth Grade to do a block on Ocean Animals.  As I mentioned above, I will also have some more Old Testament to finish up in Fourth Grade. 

Hope that helps some of you in your planning.

Many blessings and peace,


9 thoughts on “Layout of Blocks For Waldorf Grade Three

    • elizabeth – we have spanish on wed morning and another session with a tutor and in singing games and poems. we have german school on saturday mornings and a tutor available when i need it. my third grader is old enough to also do some independent work for her classes…we had a strong foundation to start so she is reading, writing and speaking in all three languages..
      other folks may have to do something differently depending upon where their child is..
      many blessings and peace,

  1. Wow! This looks great Carrie. You guys will have an amazing school year. I am still on the fence a bit about where to begin – I want to start with Old Testament stories but my son will not be 9 until January. I love the idea of starting there and working our way out also I just don’t want to miss all the Jewish holidays that come before Passover. So I am STILL mulling it over. I really like your layout and it helps so much to see what other people are doing. Thanks!!!

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  3. Hi Carrie, this info is so useful! I have a question, please could you tell me the exact title of the Jakob Streit Bee book please, as I have tried to search Amazon for it, but have been unable to find it,
    thank you,

    • Louisa,
      I would check Rudolf Steiner COllege Bookstore or Bob and Nancy’s bookshop rather than Amazon…Jakob Streit has two bee books, “Little Bee Sunbeam” (96 pages) and also “The Bee Book” (89 pages). I think “The Bee Book” would be more engaging for a little third grader, and you might even want to hold off until the end of fourth grade as a bridge between the insect world and botany…

    • Oh thanks Carrie! I found the link if anyone needs it:
      Yes, I think you are right, leaving this book until forth grade seems like a good idea. I was looking for a bee book to tie into the housing block I am doing with my third-grader – we will be building a beehive this spring and getting some bees. But perhaps it will be enough if I make up my own story about the bees coming to live in the ‘house’.
      thank you again,

  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to help others. We are just starting grade 3 and I feel so overwhelmed! I’ve only been homeschooling for six months and in Australia, we begin next week! Thanks again.

    • Oh, Sofie, good luck! I am doing third grade for the second time this year, so feel free to ask questions!
      Hope you are surviving the heat down there,
      Many blessings,

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