Getting Ready For Back To School!

Well, we are counting down toward the first day of school (homeschool or otherwise!).  Here are a few fast tips for getting the school year off to a successful start:

1.  I personally think the physical environment of the home is very important.  Does everything have a place?  Hopefully you have had a chance to go through and de-clutter things this summer.  Do your children know where things go?  Do you know where things are?  What is beautiful in your environment for your children to notice?

2.  How is your basic rhythm – resting, sleeping, eating?  Are you allowing enough time to get ready for things and to wind down from things?

3.  How many days a week are you going to be out of your home?  The smaller your children are, the more you should be at home, and even older children need plenty of time to rest and relax, to plan and to dream and to putter.

4.  Have you thought about the practical care of the home?  Some mothers have told me the hardest transition for them was switching from doing Waldorf Kindergarten, where such a large part of the day is spent upon practical tasks, to doing Waldorf Grades – less time for practical tasks!  How will your home be cared for?  When?  By whom?  What is the responsibility of your children? 

5.  If you are homeschooling, what lesson plans and resources do you have and what do you still need?  If your whole year is not planned out, what time will be YOUR time to plan each week in order to get the whole year laid out?

6.  What is the spiritual foundation of your home and family?  What is your Family Mission Statement?  How is this expressed in your family?  What actions do your children see that expresses this?

7.  What will you do to have FUN as a family?  When?  How?  Sometimes that can get lost in the “busyness” of the school year. 

Many blessings,



4 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Back To School!

  1. I’m thinking of starting when school used to begin back when I was a little girl – the day after Labor Day. I’d like to resume that tradition to get the most we can out of summer. Most schools and also homeschoolers around here seem to want to start anytime in August though.

    When do you plan to begin your year?


  2. Carrie, do you have any back posts on chores for kids, proper ages, how to go about making it regular habits for each family member? Neither my husband nor I grew up in families where each person was assigned chores…rather it was the “help where you see need” or “do what i say now” type of helping out, which was always fraught with some measure of resentment on our part and anger and frustration on the part of our mothers. I’d so like to do it differently, but so far, with a six, three and almost two year old, haven’t managed it. Any suggestions, books, or back posts from you or anyone else on here would be most welcome! Thanks!!

  3. We follow a labor day to memorial day schedule. We dont have all the days off that the public school has, and last year during the blizzards we got a lot done! I can’t believe it’s almost that time again. Although we don’t start lessons until September I started moving our rhythm towards the one we use during the school year.

  4. I would also love to read a post about chores for children. I want to help establish doing chores in a joyful way, and I’d love some ideas to help with this.

    Thank you for your wonderful posts day in and day out! I appreciate your blog so much.

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