This Will Keep You Busy: Links By Age

So, whilst you are waiting for the new look to The Parenting Passageway, I would like to thank my reader Jessica P, who emailed me this list of links by age from this blog for all parents to look at and find helpful information.  Thanks Jessica!  Many blessings to you!

General Age Groupings

The Typical Ages of Disequilibrium

How To Best Support Your Child’s Development: From Birth to Age Three

The Newborn: Traditional and Anthroposophical Perspectives

Common Toddler Challenges and How to Solve Them

Tripping Into The Toddler Years

How To Best Support Your Child’s Development Ages 3-5

Discipline For Preschoolers 3-5 Years: “Discipline Without Distress”

Boys Under Age 7 and Hitting

Back To Basics: Realistic Expectations For Mealtimes (For Age 1-8)

Normal Stages in Sleep For The Child Ages 4-9


Specific Ages:

The One-Year-Old

The Twelve-To-Twenty-Two Month Old

The Two-Year-Old: A Traditional Perspective

So How Do I Live Peacefully With my Two Year Old?

An Anthroposophic View of the Second Year

Peaceful Life with a Three-Year-Old

Three-Year Old Behavior Challenges

Realistic Expectations: Ages 3 & 4

Strong-Willed At Three and Four Years of Age

Peaceful Life With A Four-Year-Old

More About the Four-Year-Old

Fantastic Four Year Old!

Realistic Expectations for the Four-Year-Old

Four-Year-Olds Who Ask Many Questions

Discipline for the Four-Year-Old

“Social Experiences” For A Four-Year-Old

More About “Social Experiences” For the Four-Year-Old

Realistic Expectations: Ages 5 & 6

The Fabulous Five-Year-Old!

Waldorf In The Home With The Five-Year-Old

Interesting Observations About The Five Year Old

How To Best Support Your Child’s Development During The Six/Seven Year Change

Preparing for the Six/Seven Year Change: The Importance of Boundaries

Other Questions Parents Have About The Six/Seven Year Change

Peer Relationships For the Six to Eight Year Old

Your Super Seven-Year-Old: Traditional and Anthroposophical Views of Development, Part Two

Peaceful Living with Your Super Seven-Year-Old

How To Talk To Your Seven and Eight-Year Old

The Seven and Eight Year Old: Realistic Expectations

The Seven and Eight-Year-Old: Still A Need for Protection

The Nine-Year-Old: A Traditional View

The Nine-Year-Old: An Anthroposophic Perspective

A Few Resources For The Nine-Year-Change

My Advice For The Nine Year Change

Third Grade and The Nine Year Change

The Nine-Year Old Girl

Discipline, Support and Guidance of the Nine-Year-Old

Restlessness and Forgetfulness in the Eight to Ten Year Old:

The Foundation Years of Ages 9-12: Decreasing High-Risk Behavior in Teens

The Terrific Ten-Year-Old:

Ten Year Old Homeschooled Girls:


Many blessings,


10 thoughts on “This Will Keep You Busy: Links By Age

  1. Glory be. What a great resource: just a little overwhelmed by the amount! I shall have to take it in small bites. 🙂

  2. This is great! Kind of off topic: I share posts from this blog with my husband all the time. We would *love* to read more about the father’s role in a Waldorf-inspired family life! (I can’t quite see my husband as the queen of our home, ha ha!)

  3. Love this! I cobbled together 1 year old info from your blog and have it printed out on my refrigerator. I have a 10 1/2 month old and I like reading through the 1 year old stuff a couple times a week to get an idea of what’s coming. Plus, my husband will read through it too since he’s not a blog person. Thank you for all this information.

  4. wow….this is going to give me wonderful reading while on vaca in Gatlinburg this next week! Along with books loaned to me by my buddy Lisa Marshall, “Heaven on Earth” “Seven Time the Sun” and some others! ❤ this list! Gonna print it up for future reference too!

  5. Dearest Carrie
    Thanks a million!!! You are sooooooo AMAZING! Tanks for your wonderfull blog and support, i visit your site almost everyday for tips and understanding!You are a blessed woman!!

  6. Carrie, I just wanted to comment that I have linked others to this page so many times. It is a fabulous resource! Thank you! Have you considered updating it to add the many wonderful posts you have written more recently about bigger kids and older stages? Thank you again. Warmly, Nicola

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