The July Doldrums- AGAIN?

Ah, it is that time of year!  The time of year when I want to flee out of the Deep South and go somewhere else!  (And since we just returned from vacation, I guess that won’t be happening, sniff).  Last year I wrote out some simple steps to help mothers deal with the July Doldrums (yes, this an official name now, LOL).  Here is that back post:  and here are a few more ideas, suggestions and thoughts:

  • How has everyone done with establishing a Summer Rhythm?  If you have small children, they really cannot be left to just wander the house in the Summer and “find something to do” – essentially because this leads to the “Summer Bickering and Fighting”.  Summer can be a more expansive time, but please do be sure to plan some daily rest times and predictable bedtimes as well!
  • This is a great time of year to connect your children to nature with catching fireflies, swimming in lakes and oceans, hiking and camping.  For some more inspiration, please do catch this back post:

On the home front, perhaps these posts will give you all some inspiration.  Here are a few oldies but goodies that perhaps you have not read if you are new to this blog:

  • How about focusing on your home?  One thing I do every Summer is go through my WHOLE house, the closets, the garage, the drawers, that storage upstairs and try to get everything in order for the upcoming school year.  Perhaps this post will serve as inspiration:
  • Need some parenting inspiration?  How about these posts?

Need some more inspiration?  Out in blog land, I am  enjoying some of Melisa Nielsen’s posts – this one on patience is worth a look:

How about some Arts and Crafts?  The other blog I am really enjoying for all the wonderful arts and crafts ideas is from one of my readers!  Please see here for some great art projects:

Enjoy your Summer! (or Winter as it may be Down Under! :))

Many blessings,


7 thoughts on “The July Doldrums- AGAIN?

  1. its my parenting passageway anniversary! My first time here was the July 1st Celebrating Sumer with small children. Thanks for all your helpful, insightful and just plain supportive posts over the last year. Its made our little community of natural mindful mamas feel connected with the larger movement ( made us feel that there really IS a movement).

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  4. I’m so glad you feel this way about July, I’ve been feeling very out of things as everyone else seems to love the summer and I’m all hot and grumpy longing for the autumn! This cheered me up : )

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