Finishing Up The School Year

This is the time of year when many mothers in the Northern Hemisphere are finishing up school and starting to think about summer and planning for next year.  Perhaps you only have one or two blocks left before your school ends for the year! How exciting!

I would love to hear what everyone is working on right now and what you have left.  Did this school year go the way you wanted?

Sometimes at this point in the year mothers can be really hard on themselves.  Learning really occurs all the time, so even if you didn’t get to everything (and that happens in school as well!), it is okay.  Children in grades one through three are still pretty little, and many of the concepts touched on in these grades are worked with and deepened in fourth grade, and other concepts are really honed in grades five through eight.  There is time, and I think when we homeschool with Waldorf Education, we can be assured everything is in there in due time.

Are you already thinking about summer?  Summer vacation is seen as really, really important in Waldorf Education.  To read more about this and some ideas of what to focus on this summer, please see this popular post:

I encourage YOU, especially if you are a homeschooling parent, to use the summer to get your homeschool planning and household organizing done.  

In our family in the summer, pretty much I work on the house in the morning in small spurts between fun with the children, in the afternoon we go to our neighborhood pool and swim until we are ready to drop, and at night, at least for four nights a week I do homeschool lesson planning or my own work for a little bit before my husband and I spend time together.  We also plan “fun days” of going to the lake, or taking in a puppet show, or berry-picking and canning, but we also spend a good amount of time at home.  I tend to have my husband run the errands, or I do them around dinner time for an hour here or there.  I try to limit errand-running as much as possible!  That is my typical summer in a nutshell; I don’t know if that structure would be helpful to you, but in this summer I encourage you to think how you could get organized and prepared for  fall.  You will be so pleased how everything will be ready come fall!

Here is one of my favorite back posts about summer and tips to survive increased sibling fighting that sometimes occurs in  the summer months:

My official view of The July Doldrums (yes, I coined that phrase myself since it seems to happen in my world in July):

And last but not least, a project for parenting, just for you this summer:

Many blessings,


3 thoughts on “Finishing Up The School Year

  1. We are not finishing up our school year yet. The official end in New York is in June. When the children were little our school year was shorter, but now we do year round schooling with larger breaks in the summer. We have discovered that this works better than a big break in the summer. I prefer the German organization of the school year when you take 1 week off in the fall, 2 to 3 weeks off for Christmas, 2-3 weeks for Easter, several days for Pentecost, and 6 weeks off in the summer. We have to hand in our planning sheets (IHIPS) to the local school here in August, so I do have to spend part of my summer with planning. I don’t plan out all the details, though, because I have discovered that life is too unpredictable. I like to have my main lesson blocks in place, but even that might change during the year. Some of our free time during the summer is spent with gardening, baseball, and travelling.

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