Down and Out: The July Doldrums

Last year, I remember a group of us in our Waldorf  homeschool group were going through the  July doldrums.  The kids were cranky, we mothers felt cranky, everyone seemed ready for a change of pace.

And although I thought it was a one-time engagement,  it seems to be back!! The July Doldrums are here again!  What is it about this month?!

Last year, I really felt it was because in the region of the US where I live, we were in a drought.  No rain equated to going to the pool every day and even with a strong rest time during the day, it seemed like one giant outbreath.

This year, we have had rain and I still  feel about the same way as last year.  Tired, hot, and cranky, LOL!  Is anyone else feeling this way?

The question becomes, of course, what to do about it?  Here are some of my random thoughts that I am trying out myself:

1.  Circle the wagons close to home so to speak and really limit going out.

2.  Work hard on getting back into a rhythm (if you have lost it). 

3.  Stick as closely as possible to rest times and bed times so everyone is getting enough rest.

4.  Go back to the basics of good diet, one step foods that require little processing to eat, if that  is something that has gone awry.

5.  Inner work for Mama!  Don’t slack off of meditation and prayer just because it is summer.

6.  Take some time out of the busy Summer and do something just for you – yes, you really can do this, and yes, it is  necessary.  Plan something, have your spouse or partner or a neighbor take the kids for a few hours and relax!

7.  Get inspired for the coming school year if you start in Fall like many of us in the US do.  Read,  mediate and pray, plan. 

8.  Get support from other like-minded mothers to give you a holding hand (or a kick in the pants) should you need it, LOL!

Let’s all get inspired for fall!

Much love,


6 thoughts on “Down and Out: The July Doldrums

  1. This is exactly what I needed to read today! After having a great year relishing my 2 little ones, I have been feeling full of self-doubt lately. Thanks, Carrie!

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