Waldorf Consultants

It is that time of the year!  Whether you have questions about finishing up this school year, or questions in regarding planning for your upcoming school year, my dear friend over at Loveyland  (http://lovey-land.blogspot.com/) put together this great list of Waldorf consultants and gave me permission to share it with you all!

David Darcy – David Darcy Consulting:


Consulting – contact for fee

Workshops, Speaking Engagements –   *Contact for fee

Resources – Subject guides from $12

Blog – http://DDarcysView.blogstream.com/

Siegline de Francesca – Teach Wonderment:


Consulting –   *Contact for fees

Workshops – See website

Resources – Subject guides from $25

Additional Resources – http://www.kitntales.com/kitntales.html  Stories, Kits, Guides from $4

Barbara Dewey – Waldorf Without Walls:


Consulting – *Contact for fee

Workshops, Speaking Engagements   *Contact for fee

Resources – Booklets for K-8 range from $4

Marsha Johnson – Waldorf Home Educators/Shining Star School:


Workshops –   *Held at Shining Star School in Portland, Oregon

Resources –   *See Files section of forum, Curriculum overview $30

Forum – http://groups.yahoo.com/group/waldorfhomeeducators/

Melisa Nielsen – A Little Garden Flower:


Consulting – *Contact for fee

Workshops, Speaking Engagements – *Contact for fee

Resources – Curriculum guides K-5 from $15, DVD, Audio, Handcrafts

Forum – http://groups.yahoo.com/group/homeschoolingwaldorf/

Blog – http://www.waldorfjourney.typepad.com/

Blog – http://www.alittlegardenflower.blogspot.com/

Podcasts – http://www.thegnomeshome.com/

Donna Simmons – Christopherus Homeschool:


Consulting – *Contact for fee, do be aware she has several experienced Waldorf homeschooling mothers also working with her on consultations.

Workshops, Speaking Engagements    *Contact for fee

Resources – Curriculum guides from $125, Subject guides from $10, Audio from $14

Forum – http://www.waldorf-at-home.com/forums/    *Cost $15/three months

Blog – http://christopherushomeschool.typepad.com/blog/

Blog – http://christopherushomeschool.typepad.com/highschool/

Eugene Schwartz – Millennial Child:


Consulting   *Contact for fee

Workshops, Speaking Engagements – Summer Intensives and other workshops  *Contact for fees

Resources – CD-Rom guides from $17.50, Audio lectures from $17.50

Rainbow Rosenbloom/Bruce Bischof – Live Education:


Consulting: Basic included with curriculum, $90/three hours

Workshops, Speaking Engagements   *Contact for fee

Resources – Curriculum guides K-8 from $360

Forum – Clients only

Hope this helps you as you organize and plan your Waldorf homeschooling experience. 

Just a few thoughts from my little corner of the world, with thanks to my friend!

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