Planning 101: Planning for Fall

In the United States, the school year typically runs from fall (August/September) through (May/June).  This means that many mothers start to order homeschooling materials for fall in March or April.

There are many questions out on the lists and forums regarding curriculum for Waldorf homeschooling.  Here is a back post in which I listed the Waldorf consultants who have been around for a time and whom I feel at least have read Steiner and stick truly to Steiner’s indications for the grades…there may be others now since this list was written, but at least it gives you a starting point:

I typically take pieces of this and that and write my own curriculum    Many veteran mothers write their own curriculum over the summer, so that by fall they have their own custom and individualized curriculum for that child! 

Here are some suggestions for planning:

There is actually more on planning, but that’s a good start!



2 thoughts on “Planning 101: Planning for Fall

  1. I really appreciate this post. I’ve been working at planning bits and pieces here and there (still trying to decide if I can handle it at this point in time, though).

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