More Inspiration for Teaching from Steiner’s “Human Values in Education.”

Yes, more from what I am reading.  On page 55, this passage made me stop and think:

We see the higher processes abstracted in all the lower stages of the process.  An imponderable relationship arises between you and the students; and the children make real progress in their education as long as you do not get the idea that they are ignorant and you are clever; you must stand before the children, aware that this is a fact in the world, and that you are leading them to believe in something that you yourself believe with all your heart.”

There is the heart of the matter.  Do you believe a child under the age of 7 can benefit by NOT doing academics at this point?  Do you believe a child of the age of 7 needs to approach things through art, music and imagination?  Do you believe in the value of the fairy tales for a 7 year old – that this is what they need for their development of their soul, to see that good always overcomes?  Do you believe that an 8 year old needs to see the  duality of man through the Saints – people who did other worldly things- and the trickster tales?  Do you believe a child in the throes of the 9 year old change needs to hear about the relationship of man to authority in Old Testament stories?

If you don’t believe, what is attracting you to Waldorf?  Why are you considering this for your child’s education?  What healing needs to be done in you so you can teach this and truly believe?

If these questions are difficult, perhaps a one-on-one consultation with one of the nationally known Waldorf consultants could be of assistance to you.  See a list to pick from here:

Your children deserve your authenticity and exploration into this matter!

Peaceful journeying to you,



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