Making Memories in June

June is a beautiful month here in the Deep South. School has been out for a few weeks, the lake is ready and waiting, it’s hot but not too terrible. We are knee deep in renovations at the farm – I can’t even list it all here but we have had to do things like run water lines, put in heat on the second floor, fix the A/C, replace garage door panels and fix the mechanics, renovate bathrooms, renovate a barn, put up fencing….with more to come. Our bees are coming in next week, and we have chickens coming as soon as we get the chicken coop done. Hopefully our horses will be here in August or September.

But in the midst of scurrying around, and work, there are memories to be made this June. Some of the things we are looking forward to:

Boating on the lake

Going to the beach on the lake

Kayaking and camping

Berry picking and making jam

This month we will be celebrating:

The Slow Summer – think lakes and pools, tubing, horseback riding, camping, spending time with family and friends. All of my favorite things in one month!  Here is a wonderful guest post by Christine Natale, Master Waldorf Teacher and author about creating the magical summer

14- Flag Day

20 – Father’s Day AND – Summer Solstice

24 – The Nativity of St. John the Baptist/ St. John’s Tide (see this back post for festival help!)

29- The Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul

Summer Homeschooling and Development:

I am in the midst of beginning planning for our sixth grade blocks to begin in August! I cannot believe our third and last child is old enough to go to sixth grade. Sixth grade is one of my favorites and I have a few thoughts regarding fifth grade that we just finished as well, so stay tuned for those posts.

We also will have a junior in high school who will be doing online school because she will be working in horse training and needs the flexibility, and our oldest will be a sophomore at an out of state university. She had a fantastic freshman year, so don’t let anyone tell you that kids who were homeschooled cannot enter any arena where they want to go. The sky is the limit!

I am running back to basics this summer – it’s been a crazy time with getting our old house ready to sell, finding a new house, moving, renovating. So I need the basics in my life back, beginning with Gratitude: Eight Facets Of A Healthy Family Culture | The Parenting Passageway and Finding Rhythm With Grades-Aged Children | The Parenting Passageway. If you have littles under the age of 7, you might like this back post: Finding Rhythm With Littles | The Parenting Passageway

I would love to hear what you are up to and how you are re-charging!



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