Planning for Sixth Grade

Our last child will be in sixth grade in the fall. This will be my third time teaching sixth grade, and I really enjoy the content of this grade that is so well suited to the twelve year old! We were in the process of moving and renovating a farmhouse the past few months and at varying points life took over fifth grade as we were trying to stay afloat and fix the major things like water and heating. We are still renovating, but things seem a bit more stable now as the school year here in the South is over (of course that’s how the timing worked out). I am a firm believer in summer downtime, so I doubt we will get much catch up this summer. So I am planning sixth grade with an eye towards some of the things we didn’t finish. We also have the added challenge of outside classes several days a week for math and outdoor school when I work, so limited time.

So these are my ideas for my current plan. We will be doing math daily and doing extra writing practice weekly.

August – Greek History (Most likely will base on Live Ed’s booklet), Nature Study in the afternoon.

September – Mineralogy

October – Roman History to include European geography

November – Physics

December – Geometry

January – Medieval History

February – Business Math

March – Medieval Africa and African Heroes, African Geography

April – Zoology

May- Botany

It’s going to be a fun year! I have a few field trips planned to the coast of our state and to a large canyon in our state for mineralogy and to our local museum that specializes in minerals and gems. We will also be busy getting our bees, chickens, horses and gardens settled, so that will be fun and busy as well.

Our other children right now are at an out of state university after being homeschooled through 11th grade at home and senior year was all outside classes, and our 16 year old has chosen an online school for her last two years of high school as she will be working and wants to start her own business.

If you are homeschool planning, I would love to hear what you are up to!



3 thoughts on “Planning for Sixth Grade

  1. I am new to this, and still in the overwhelming/freaking out stage! lol

    my kids are 11yo and 7yo (and a 7 month baby who takes a great chunk of my time)
    we landed on homeschooling due to covid and I decided to embrace the opportunity to have it waldorf inspired, as we love waldorf but could never afford a waldorf school.
    I also have my job, so things are a bit hectic! lol
    After many trials and errors, I feel like we finally found our rhythm and it’s getting better…

    I decided to merge contents for my kids, having the same topics but working on different levels. It was the only way I could manage it. We did a botany bloc and are now doing a zoology block.

    • I had a reply written out and don’t know where it went! Steiner originally grouped children by developmental ages, not as narrow as grade specific, so I think that’s good news for us as homeschoolers. 7 and 11 are different developmentally, but there are certainly subjects all can enjoy. You want to hit the developmental crux of each grade – so for age 7, fairy tales in some form, and for age 11 that could be Ancient Civilizations. So perhaps you can plan some times that are all together and some where you do them separately. Here is a back post about combining grades that might be helpful to you:

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