Celebrating March

The Robin Is The One Poem by Emily Dickinson

The Robin is the One
That interrupt the Morn
With hurried—few—express Reports
When March is scarcely on—

The Robin is the One
That overflow the Noon
With her cherubic quantity—
An April but begun—

The Robin is the One
That speechless from her Nest
Submit that Home—and Certainty
And Sanctity, are best

March is here in all its renewing glory!  I am caught up with blustery winds, and days that are warmer and nights that can be cold; pussy willows and violets; daffodils and tulips.  Things are beginning to come alive again!

This month we are celebrating:

Lent  (and ideas here for Lent in the Waldorf Home )

March 1 – Ash Wednesday and also The Feast of St. David  (here is an idea for an early grades wet on wet painting to celebrate this day )

March 17 – The Feast Day of St. Patrick (try this post regarding Celebrations of spring in the Waldorf Home for more information)

March 19- The Feast of St. Joseph

March 25 – The Annunciation

March 30- St. Innocent of Alaska

Things To Do As A Family:

Strengthen both my physical work (physical exercise and cleaning and gardening in my home) AND my inner work.

Establish Lenten moods for our family – a rather plain nature table; unlit candles on the table, listening to the sounds of nature in silence each day; attending Mass

Use ideas from the Lent post linked above and also the Green Anglican Carbon Fast for Lent calendar

Hiking and being in nature

Being unhurried and unrushed

Making toys that flutter in the wind; flying kites

Re-vamping our play areas, board games, and switching out books for our Lenten book basket

Making herbal tonics and salves

Planning Ahead:

I am gathering ideas for Easter baskets

And yes, I am homeschooling planning for tenth grade, seventh grade, and second grade to start in the fall!  I have plans that I am getting excited to share with you all!  If you are looking for ideas on what to possibly do regarding planning for fall homeschooling now, have a peek at this back post.

What are you up to this month of March?

In Joy,




3 thoughts on “Celebrating March

  1. I love how intentional this all is, and I wish you all much joy. 🙂

    I like the idea of making toys for the wind. A good season for it!

    Planning is minimal now that I only have one high school person, but still, I really do enjoy it. Lots of reading, lots of OM, lots of projects that will make her smile, that’s what I’m /hoping/planning so far…

    Enjoy every moment, and thank you for the links. I have been missing the “Waldorf touch” around my own home, and I would like to figure out how to still enjoy its influence now that the kids have grown. It’s a different feeling than when the children are young, for sure, but I still want the peace of it. I miss it. I was pondering this on my walk this morning, and you very conveniently provided some nice links, so thoughtful of you 😉 ! Thanks!!

    • I should say “links to your own wonderful ideas” – they truly are! And I sincerely mean my thanks!

  2. So many ideas for celebrating the upcoming holidays and feast days. Enjoyed looking at them and thinking of what we can do as a fa here.

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