The Sweetest Year of Parenting


The sweetest year of parenting isn’t based upon an age of your child.  ALL of the ages are wonderful, despite what you might read about the “six/seven year transformation” or the “nine year change” or the “twelve year change”.  All of the things that happen during those developmental peaks are necessary in order for our children to grow, mature, learn and be able to handle themselves as adults out in the world.  This is not a cause to parent from fear or anger during these stages.  Instead, focus on the relationship between you and your child that you want to preserve and protect for adulthood.  Find your sweetest year of parenting yet.

Some things that make the sweetest year of parenting for me is when I

slow down


be together without an agenda

have unrushed and unhurried time

take the time to guide my with my calm presence

have fun and laugh

snuggle and hug each other

take the long view

enjoy the moment


What makes the sweetest times of parenting for you?

Many blessings on today,


4 thoughts on “The Sweetest Year of Parenting

  1. Lovely post Carrie.
    A slow, quiet bed-time where my little girl shares with me what’s on her mind, and where I can share my thoughts with her in the form of stories – is the sweetest time for me.

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