Let’s Read: Simplicity Parenting


Rhythm calms and secures children, grounding them in the earth of family so they can branch out and grow.  The implication of rhythms is that there is an “author” behind how we do things as a family.  Parental authority is strengthened by rhythms; an “authority” is established that is gentle and understandable.  “This is what we do” also says, “There is order here, and safety.”

-Simplicity Parenting, page 103


To establish rhythm, Simplicity Parenting suggests:

  • starting small
  • seeing what points of the day you can begin to connect
  • observing what the most difficult transition points are and trying to establish small steps to improve that flow
  • choose basic activities that need to be made more consistent
  • building rhythm when children are between the ages of 2 and 6 is easiest
  • start small, stay close and follow through
  • verses and rhymes can help for children younger than age seven
  • if you are starting to gather rhythm when your children are older than age seven, definitely stay close and follow through
  • with older children, discuss the change beforehand and consult with them about the best way to adopt the change
  • include the ideas of chores, recess, art, music and movement in your ideas for rhythm
  • try to look at after school to be free, unscheduled time – having time for open, self-directed play balances school
  • have moments of pause when nothing much is going on
  • be a parent that commits to regularity  and also be a parent that  commits to being together but not doing anything in particular; find a deep comfort in time spent together
  • make it a habit to listen to your children more than you speak
  • prepare and eat dinner together


Many blessings as we forge new rhythms in our families,


when the process is automatic, that is when it will feel like a success

4 thoughts on “Let’s Read: Simplicity Parenting

  1. I really needed this post Carrie – one thing I really struggle with is rhythm and regularity. I’ve been reading up all your previous posts on rhythm as well.
    Thank you!

  2. I have been using the summer to think about our rhythm and rethink how to do things. The holidays are a great place for me to step back and see clearer….realised I had built up and gathered commitments that were no longer helping our family. I suddenly woke one morning and thought ‘I didn’t want our home schooling to look like this!!’ Then I realised it was my job to change these things. It’s a constant art. thank you for this post. i think I needed to read the part about listening more than you speak!

  3. We are moving internationally in less than 2 weeks. Our rhythm this summer has had some stumbling blocks as we prepare. I’m very much looking forward settling in and creating a new rhythm in our new location.

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