31 Days to the Inner Rhythm of the Heart: Day Nine

Our 31 days to the inner rhythm of the heart, the root foundation of a house of peace, is in progress.  In the vein of those who are setting a New Year’s intention with “one word”, I offer the word of today to you:  building.  Read on for more…

So far, our words to help us on a journey to a calmer, more peaceful home include open, reconciliation, attentiveness, reverence, courage, love, relentless, and unity.  Today we are considering building.

Building is often defined in a dictionary as putting together or assembling a structure.  If  family is  thought of as a structure, a sheltering gesture for the protection of those within, how do we build that?  I think we must identify what is already positive within our family culture and find ways to draw attention to that so it can be repeated in different situations throughout life.  It is the building of something that seems perhaps intangible at first, qualities and character, but really turns into a tangible energetic reality within the home!

Sometimes this exercise seems so difficult for mothers.  If we are mired in negativity Continue reading