31 Days of the Inner Rhythm of the Heart: Day Three

Our 31 days to the inner rhythm of the heart, the root foundation of a house of peace, is in progress.  In the vein of those who are setting a New Year’s intention with “one word”, I offer the word of today to you:  attentiveness.  Read on for more……

In our last post, I asked you to consider a partner in accountability if you deem that you are ready to change and focus on a household that does not include yelling.  Another thing I suggested is to keep a journal for five days, focusing on when yelling happens, what leads up to that event, what happens to make things feel settled again, and what the patterns are that you hold.

By this token,  we can only attempt to change that of that which we are aware.  Yet, we also need to provide attentiveness to the other part of this:  when we do something that is in line with how we really and truly want to parent.  Those moments are there as well. Continue reading