Simplicity Monday: Preparation

When we teach children how to do something, we usually walk them through the first steps of gathering supplies and equipment through the process of what they are learning, and then work with them through the clean-up stage.

How much smoother our home life goes when we prepare things in the same way in which we teach our children!

Whether it is a cleaning plan, a meal plan, taking the time to set things out the night before,  preparing for school during the summer and then also taking time over the weekend to prepare for Monday’s school, preparation makes life go so much easier.

It is part of doing, and so important to model for our children.

It is the doing that counts!

Many blessings,

3 thoughts on “Simplicity Monday: Preparation

  1. I have thought many times recently that it is those who prepare who rule the world. I have been chipping away at planning and actual preparation in my home this month. I am feeling just today the first small benefits. For me, meal planning is real lynchpin, and has tradtionally been my most difficult spot. Today I am enjoying the fruits of preparation.

  2. I like the way you so often use the word “we” in your posts. It is inclusive, as though everyone is already doing these beautiful things. I read somewhere that when we talk to our babies we should say “we” as they are so attached as to see themselves a part of us and not recognizing any separateness. That this helps them go along with and learn things.

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