Sunday Books: “The No-Cry Discipline Solution”

We are starting with our new book today by author Elizabeth Pantley: “The No-Cry Discipline Solution”.

In the opening chapter the author states that “discipline is not about punishment, and it doesn’t have to result in tears.  As defined by Webster’s, discipline means “training that develops self-control and character.”  She goes on to talk about how discipline is about teaching, and that our children’s part in all of this is to learn.  A child cannot learn, and misses the teachable moment in discipline, if they are crying and falling apart. They have to be receptive in order to be teachable.

A help in undertaking this parenting journey includes examining your own feelings about discipline, and your own feelings about being a parent.  In the chapter “Banish the Myths”, there is a quiz that opens the chapter and lets you explore your own parenting beliefs.  Some of these include, “If a parent is truly attached, committed, and connected to a child, then that child will naturally behave properly; discipline won’t be necessary” to “If you read parenting books, take classes and learn effective skills and tools, you will always be in control.  Once you learn the correct parenting approaches, your life as a parent will be trouble-free.”

  • All the statements in this quiz are branded as myths and are explored in this chapter.
  • Some of the highlights include the discussion that:
  • All children misbehave, all children make mistakes, all children whine, fuss and have temper tantrums.
  • Effective parenting skills are learned, but there are no black and white answers in parenting, and there is a lot of contradictory advice.
  • How common it is for two parents in a very happy, committed relationship to disagree about child-rearing approaches.

There are many more of these myths and truths discussed in this chapter; which one resonated most strongly with you?

Many blessings,

2 thoughts on “Sunday Books: “The No-Cry Discipline Solution”

  1. I really hope you continue this series. Unfortunately, I can’t join in and read the book right now, but I look forward to reading it along with your back posts in the near future. I am new to Waldorf and I’m currently reading “You Are Your Child’s First Teacher” soon to be followed by “Kingdom of Childhood.” So much to read and learn…so little time. Thank you so very much for your wonderful blog and well organized back posts (they are a lifesaver).

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