Simplicity Monday: Slow Sundays

One way to simplify your week is to use my “X” method on your calendar, (see this link )

and then to be sure to mark all of your Sundays as “Slow Sundays”.  Well, my day is Sunday, in large part due to our religion, but your day might be a Slow Friday or a Slow Saturday.

What this will look like will be up to you, but I suggest you follow the same rhythm each week.  For example, I have a friend whose children do homework and do things to get ready for school on Monday until 2 PM every Sunday.  After 2 PM, they have an afternoon of family fun.

Other I know have Sundays for church, naps in the afternoon or the long-standing tradition of the Sunday Drive.  I know this probably reflects the American love of the automobile, but oh, how my husband and I used to love our Sunday Drives!  We always joked we had our best conversations in the car!

Whatever day you choose and whatever way you spend it, have one wonderful “Slow” day in your week!

Many blessings,

1 thought on “Simplicity Monday: Slow Sundays

  1. Love this! Our church is huge on hospitality on Sunday afternoons, but i know we need, desperately, some down time with “just us”… I’ll be more intentional about this!

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