Simplicity Monday: Days of “X”’s

If you look at my calendar, you will see there are consistent days of the week marked with an “X”.  From week to week, those “X”’s are there.

Those “X”’s are a reminder to me that those are my days to be home, and not to schedule something on those days.  If someone asks me to do something on those days, then the answer is that I cannot because I have plans. My plans to be home are every bit as valuable as external plans, and in terms of nourishing a rich family life and connectedness, probably even more valuable.

Where are the “X”’s on your calendar as you are planning for fall?



5 thoughts on “Simplicity Monday: Days of “X”’s

  1. Tom and I had a frank discussion over the weekend about sports. This seems to be a perennial conversation, and one I am not willing to budge on. Both my boys do scouts (which for Vincent will be every week this year) and pennywhistle. This enough: enough activity, enough driving, enough commitment. The other days we are home.

    This is an aside to this post, but I have been continuing to think on your burnout/guilt/am-I-Waldorf-enough? posts. I remember awhile ago you posted something about Waldorf seems to be the only form of homeschooling that fosters these feelings and that you never hear someone say, “I’m not classical enough!” I’m still trying to get to the heart of this and figure out why this is true (bc I think it IS true!) but more importantly how can I/we (as bloggers) mitigate this? Or does it really have nothing what is out there in the blogosphere and does it all come back to the homeschooling parent and their personal inner work? Hmmm . . . anyway just wanted to let you know that you make me think – as usual.

    Hope all is well in Hot-lanta.

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