Giveaway From Meadowsweet Naturals! Enter to Win!


Pamela over at Meadowsweet Naturals is giving the readers of The Parenting Passageway a sweet giveaway!  This giveway includes:

  • One set of 3 primary block crayons
  • One 12 ct set of Lyra Laquered Color Giants (or 12 ct of the lyra short ferby pencils-can be your choice depending on age of  your children)
  • One block of Stockmar Modelling beeswax
  • Two main lesson books (size to be determined with Pamela after you win!)


TO WIN!  Like Meadowsweet Naturals’ Facebook page here:


and leave a comment in the comment box saying you did this (if you don’t have a Facebook account, leave a comment to be entered to win anyway), along with your favorite tip for fall planning and be part of our random drawing to win!  There is also a  20 percent off sale  valid through the end of June on all orders over $50.00. No coupon code needed.


For those of you who don’t know about Meadowsweet Naturals, Meadowsweet Naturals is a family operated on -line shop serving the needs of families worldwide. They offer  an ever- increasing selection of Waldorf inspired products, including art and handwork supplies, homeschooling products,books,  and music items.  Their hallmark is to offer  personal, caring service and love transforming our customers into friends.

Pamela is the owner of Meadowsweet Naturals. Pamela writes:

I’m Pamela, a passionate, lifelong student of holistic healing and mother of eight, naturally raised, home educated children. My passion for natural healing began in my teen years and continues to the present, as I study nutrition, herbology, homeopathy, aromatherapy, relationship dynamics, and how all of these relate to our overall health.
In a thriving marriage of 29 years, I love supporting people in creating healthy, radiant relationships through nutrition and joyful living. I’ve had my share of health challenges to work through and know how challenging it can be to run a family, household, and business, and to keep it all thriving while not losing oneself in the process. Fortunately, I have also learned ways to make it all come together and I love sharing those ideas. I have a special interest in raw food and vegan lifestyles, food addictions, blood sugar balancing, and creating vibrant family relationships
In addition to working with Dr Ritamarie Lascalzo, I am also a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a Dr Sears Certified Nutrition Coach. I hold various certifications from American College of Healthcare Sciences, and am also a certified raw food chef and a Karen Knowler certified Raw Teacher Trainer. Additionally, I am also certified by Renee Trudaeu, as a Personal Renewal Group Facilitator.
I live with my family on our organic farm in New York State, where we operate an online business for families called Meadowsweet Naturals.
When not doing the work that I love, my favorite place is being at the ocean with my family.
I can be reached at and

Can’t wait to see who wins!


63 thoughts on “Giveaway From Meadowsweet Naturals! Enter to Win!

  1. What a lovely giveaway! Thank you, Carrie and Pamela. I am beginning my first year of “formal” homeschooling this fall, so not sure that I have any fall tips to share quite yet. I liked Pamela’s page on FB.

  2. What a lovely giveaway. Thank you, Carrie and Pamela! I am entering my first year of formal homeschooling, so I’m not sure that I have any tips for fall planning quite yet – I’m soaking in all the information I can find 🙂 I liked MeadowsweetNaturals on Facebook.

  3. I like Meadowsweet Naturals fb page. I have yet to find a solid tip for fall planning. My tip, to myself and others, is to decide on a curriculum and go with it, or decide to make it your own or just make your own! The biggest hurdle I think is deciding what path to follow and having the confidence I can actually do it.

  4. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I am just transitioning from the Early Years to Kindergarten so am in the looking for tips spectrum also. I have recently enrolled in Waldorf Essentials ThinkingFeelingWilling program and am seeing positive things develop already.
    I liked the facebook page also.

  5. How wonderful would this be
    Fall planning, don’t rush, stop and do plenty of thinking, observing and listening to your children
    Happy summer x

  6. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway Carrie and Pamela! I like Meadowsweet Naturals on FB. I love shopping at Meadowsweet Naturals. I can find all that I need in one place at affordable prices and Pamela is so helpful. My tip for fall planning is to work from whole to parts and try not to get stuck on planning all of the details at first. 🙂

  7. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway Carrie and Pamela! I like Meadowsweet Naturals on FB. I love shopping at Meadowsweet Naturals! I can find all that I need in one place at affordable prices and Pamela is so helpful. My tip for fall planning is to work from whole to parts and try not to get stuck on planning all of the details at first. 🙂

  8. Our favorite family fall activity is playing in the leaves, leaf collecting and making leaf crafts for our family and friends….along with all the yummy apple recipes we can create and try in the season. We love this site and are excited to learn more about Meadowsweet Naturals!!

  9. I like Meadowsweet Naturals. U had never heard of it! My fall planning tip is take it easy and observe your child to see what flow is best for them where they are! Blessings!

  10. I am happy to follow Meadowsweet Naturals on facebook 🙂 In preparing for the fall, I gather my homeschool curriculum, write upcoming festivals (Michaelmas, Thanksgiving etc) on our family calendar, and then move our daily rhythm from expanded warm summer days to suit cooler crisp autumn days.

  11. What a great giveaway! When planning for the kindergarten years, I like to use a square main lesson book and devote a page for every two weeks. I write the days out in a spiral with info on craft projects, etc. surrounding each day. In the center of the spiral is a picture depicting the story and themes for the two-week period. This gives me a chance to practice with the block crayons and I find I’m more likely to stick to my plan when I put so much creative effort into it.

  12. What a great giveaway. I love both Meadowsweet Naturals and Parenting Passageway. My son is still in Kindergarten so most of my planning is following our rhythm and fine tuning it more for the coming year. Also he prefers “stories from my mind”. There is one storyline he always request a story from so I’m going to at least outline a few stories for the coming year. Thanks again!

  13. Liked meadow sweet naturals on Facebook too! thank you for the chance Pamela and Carrie…this is officially my first year into homeschooling with waldorf. I think my biggest tip would be don’t over plan! Go with the flow and remember no one’s perfect!

  14. I “liked” meadowsweet naturals fb page. My tip for fall is to stay present and focus on and relax into enjoying the summer 🙂

  15. OOPS I forgot my tip for planning for fall…trying to not do everything at once, plan in chunks so I’m not overwhelmed. A little here and a little there–breaking into steps, I suppose.

  16. I love Meadowsweet Naturals (and liked them on Facebook)! As for fall planning, we are just entering first grade so I’m very new to this even after a couple wonderful kindergarten years. Just trying to take it step by step and not get overwhelmed with all the resources and ideas out there.

  17. Liked!
    I read as much as I can throughout the year, and compile everything in word documents, then try to come up with a theme for each season. I’m also very new to this, so I expect I’ll be changing much as I go!

  18. Liked!
    I am fairly new to planning, as my oldest is in kindergarten. But what I have done so far is read a bunch, and create themes for each month. I expect I’ll be changing things up quite a bit as I go!

    • My tip for planning is to really tune into your child as you think about the upcoming year. Then move forward from there.

  19. I’ve liked Meadowsweet Naturals on FB, I’m in Ireland, so I’m not sure the competition is open to me! I like to base my toddler twins activities around the changes in nature and the seasonal festivals.

  20. Wonderful! I enjoy thinking about activities that the children loved in past years an make sure we revisit them in the coming year. The younger ones enjoy them for the first time and the elder ones have fun revisiting their favorite spots.

  21. Already a fan on FB 😉 I have ordered from Pamela in the recent past for the very first time and I had a wonderful experience!! I cannot recommend her enough. Hmm, as far as planning goes I find it best to map out the whole year first, as in what blocks are when, holidays, breaks, etc. and then tackle the individual blocks. Thank you both for this opportunity!

  22. We love Meadowsweet Naturals around here! Great customer service!! I don’t have a FB account, so I am “liking” you here 😉 I just planned my first year (1st grade) of homeschooling. It was so fun and now I can enjoy the summer without “planning” hanging over my head, Thank you for this giveaway!!

  23. I liked Meadowsweet Naturals on Facebook. My tip for planing is to make room for the seasons even in older grades. Try not to get overwhelmed with fitting everything in because children learn so much by just living life, enjoying traditions and festivals too. Relationships are most important.

  24. What a fabulous giveaway! Would be wonderful for my soon to be first grader. Oh and we love Meadowsweet Naturals and Pamela. She has been so helpful over the years.

  25. Entering the contest! :o)

    I am just now returning to work part time, and my summer schedule is very flexible. For fall I am trying to plan ahead for work, child care and specific activities to do with my girls, as well as plenty of at home down time to keep things peaceful and balanced. They are not in school yet, so I hope to fill out time with outdoor adventures, as well as set days for errands, groceries, libraries, etc. I am sure planning ahead for a good routine will help ease the anxiety I have about going back to work.

    Thank you for all your wonderful ideas and encouragement on this blog!

  26. Please do enter me… (I don’t do FB). My best homeschool planning happens when I start now, and then take time off in July and 1/2 of August so that I’m not flying around at the last minute. That’s my tip, and my resolution for this year!

  27. Mm I like the sound of those materials. For fall/autumn planning life I like to let the superfluous fall away from our days like the colorful falling leaves. Remaining with the core of reflection, creation and enjoying the beauty of what’s been created thus far…

  28. Hi I “liked” Pamela’s FB page long ago. What a lovely giveaway! I have bought things from Pamela in the past and she is lovely to trade with – excellent communication and excellent service. I am very pleased with this giveaway and hope to win 🙂 Sheetal xx

  29. I liked them on Facebook already 🙂 For Autumn planning I need to concentrate on rhythm – hopefully by than I will be pregnant, so concentrating on nourishing myself + nourishing my children will be key. We are starting a more “formal” plan of schooling for my daughter, so I’m really looking forward to a polished rhythm. Thanks for a chance to win this!!!

  30. I “like” Meadosweet Naturals on FB. My best tip for fall planning is to have a retreat day in August. You can spend the day alone at the beach, lake, mountains, coffee shop….wherever you feel at peace. Or, if that’s not feasible, just have hubby take the kids out for a day and you can have the house to yourself. Grab your planner, calendar, school books, coffee or tea, and spend the day planning in peace and quiet. It works wonders!

  31. I liked the FB page. What a wonderful source of art supplies. My son is entering kindergarten so this is the first time for me planning. I will go through my calendar and mark important events. I will list fairytales and other stories that I plan to focus on and spend time gathering supplies to make props for the stories and celebrations – cloth figures, perhaps some shadow art, and puppets. I also note what he’s taken an interest in. Lately it’s been castles so I will search for books and activities related to this.

  32. this is exciting as I am beginning my first year of informal homeschooling this fall, so I am soaking up all the crunchy mama input that I can! I really don’t have any tips though…but Thank you, Carrie and Pamela for this giveaway!

  33. I have liked the Meadowsweet Naturals Facebook page. Would have done it before, but I didn’t know there was one!

  34. I do like Meadowsweet Naturals on Facebook. I like to read through the curriculum all the way through to get myself excited about what lays ahead and then get into details and see what I need to work on over the summer to be prepared.

  35. I liked Meadowsweet on FB. My fall tip as a new homeschooler is to plan in quarters so I can make adjustments as needed without disrupting the whole plan.

  36. These things would be nice to have for the upcoming school year! And I did like Meadowsweet Naturals on facebook! Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. I can’t believe I haven’t “liked” them on Facebook before…I did it immediately after reading your blog post. It seems the owner and I have a lot in common, interest-wise. So cool! I love to support like minded folks. 🙂

  38. I am not on Facebook but checked out Meadowsweet’s website…lovely! My best tip is: enjoy your summer! And as new ideas present themselves jot them down in a notebook just for fall planning. Then set it aside and enjoy your summer again! As late August sets in, I begin to take those notes from the book and solidify them into a plan for Autumn. Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful giveaway!

  39. Love Meadowsweet Naturals and have liked them on FB. Excited to learn more about the Waldorf approach — have a 10 month old so I have a ways to go before homeschool so no tips but want to learn!

  40. Thanks for the opportunity (and for including those of us without Facebook accounts)!

    My tip is to take advantage of the things that need to be done for fall anyway – tasks like preserving food can be good educational opportunities.

  41. We are not technically homeschooling yet, so not a lot of tips except to honor your young child by not overbooking and overscheduling them! =) And already liked. Thanks for this!

  42. Without both of you (Carrie and Pamela), my homeschooling journey would have looked very different. Pamela, thank you for helping me give tools to my children that keep them grounded and close to the earth.

  43. I already like Meadowsweet Naturals on facebook so thanks for the wonderful giveaway opportunity. The supplies would be wonderful for next year!

  44. I don’t have Facebook but would love to be entered in this giveaway. My favorite way to prepare for fall is by enjoying summer to its fullest! But I also plan to keep reading about fun ideas for my two boys, both of whom will still be doing kindergarten this year.

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