Fourth Grade Handwork


I was going to post pictures of fifth grade handwork projects, and realized suddenly I had never posted the fourth grade projects!  Our homeschool group has been exceedingly lucky to have trained Waldorf handwork teacher working with us.  She really knows the Waldorf curriculum inside out, and has taught  many of the children for years, so can really  invent projects for them that are stunningly beautiful and fulfilling to the children.


So here are the fourth grade projects in all their glory:

The first project, which was actually done in between third and fourth grade,  was a bear that had a pattern of essentially knitting an entire row, then knitting half a row, purling a stitch and then completing the row.  He came out like this:





Fourth grade is a time of cross stitching.  The designs for these projects were done by my fourth grader, including choosing the colors and such.  The pin cushion has leather backing so the pins will not stick through!





The last project of fourth grade was a hedgehog that was knit but the face was done in the round.  This was a preparation for knitting in the round. 






8 thoughts on “Fourth Grade Handwork

  1. Beautiful! My daughter is graduating 8th grade on Saturday. I just put up photos of her 8th grade main lesson book and will photograph her handwork in a few days…um…when it’s all done. She’s down to the wire. I love seeing children’s handwork! It has been interesting to watch how their artistic pursuits mature after Waldorf in High School. My older daughter continues to incorporate the arts into her academics and the public high school teachers are always amazed.

    • Melissa,
      Four is a great age to look at finger knitting; knitting proper with needles is the work of a first grader who would be close to seven. I have known children who are homeschooled and whose mothers were great knitters and they started earlier (usually first born girls), so maybe they started around five and a half or six, but I think that this is not something to push.


  2. Carrie – do you have specific days and times when you work on handwork? Do you get your children started on something and let them work at their own pace or are you there on hand while they do their handwork? I am noticing that my girls always completed more handwork than my boys and part of the reason is that we had a nice group of girls that would get together to do different projects.

    • Dear Donna,
      Hi! So nice to hear from you! Yes, you guessed it…my girls work in class with a wonderful teacher and we have a great group of children. I think handwork really is a social endeavor, although we don’t always treat it as such in our society…I think back to knitting circles, quilting bees. Many times their projects stay with our handwork teacher, but if the projects are home then I set aside two afternoons a week to work on them.
      Lots of love and hugs,

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