Simplicity Monday

Many of us parents take our children’s “emotional temperature” several times a day.  We monitor their feelings, asking them to describe those feelings, to express them, to talk about them.  We expect our children to have a complex awareness of their own emotions, with the insight and vocabulary to convey that awareness.  While our intentions are well-meaning  –“Honey, do you think your anger at your sister might also be a little jealousy?  Can you tell her how feel inside?”  — this emotional monitoring has an unexpected effect.  It rushes kids along, pushing them into a premature adolescence…..To dissect and parse that, to push and push, imagining that they are hiding a much more subtle or nuanced feeling or reply, is invasive.  It is also usually unproductive, expect perhaps in making a child nervous.” — Simplicity Parenting, Kim John Payne

Just for today, think in your head how your child feels and connect with that through Continue reading