Linky Love….and A Little About Writing

A very sweet reader wrote in and asked me about how I center myself for writing.  Well, since I have three small children and a large furry dog running about, I would say my writing at this point is only a meditative process in my head.  I go through almost any drafts that need to be done in my head, and then spill it out on a blog post FAST before someone needs something.  Smile   At one point, I wanted to take many of my back posts and turn them into e-books about development, but I do think book writing is and should be different than writing for a blog, and I don’t think I have the time it would take right now to turn a series of back posts into a book.  Maybe someday when everyone is a little bit older.

There are many, many beautiful writers on the Internet, and I have rounded up a few good links for you that I have enjoyed:

This is a link by Melisa Nielsen regarding marriage, intimacy and working with your partner.  I posted it on The Parenting Passageway’s Facebook page.  This is so excellent, and I think you really should read it:

Here is an interesting article in Huffington Post about Waldorf Education, fostering self-esteem and the making of fifth grade socks by a medical anthropologist:  My friend Jenna found this article and the next link, and I thank her for sending them to me.

A good article about what we should be doing as parents:

And here is a link to Suzanne Down’s Fairy Cradle story for Spring, found in a back newsletter of Lifeways of North America:

I couldn’t direct link to the article “Rhythm As A Form Of Creative Discipline” in another back issue of Lifeways of North America newsletter but you can access the whole newsletter here and scroll down to the article.  It is well-worth reading:

Many blessings,


2 thoughts on “Linky Love….and A Little About Writing

  1. Hi there! I am stealing two minutes while my two young daughters are peacefully occupied to let you know that I have become a BIG fan since I discovered you a few months ago and I recommend you to everyone I can. I find a lot of wisdom and kindness in your posts, and in a strange way, through the quiet warmth that comes through your writing, you have almost become a friend, a fellow mother on the same path towards centered, peaceful, whole, productive children. Thank you for finding the time in your busy life to write, what you have to say makes a difference.

    Warmest regards,

    Paula Wade

    • Paula,
      You are so sweet. I feel very much like all of us are walking together in parenting. Sometimes I worry about the future of this generation of children in particular, and then I just remind myself of all the parents who are trying so hard to live simpler lives and who so love their children. It inspires me every time!
      Thank you for being here,

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