Beautiful Blogger Award


I want to thank a  lovely reader and fellow blogging mother from Lima, Peru who nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger Award.  Please do check out her blog, “Professions of A Paranoid Perfectionist”  by clicking here:

I was asked to entail seven blogs who inspire me.  I do love to keep up with all my readers’ blogs when I have time, and there a lot of you all who have your own blogs!  Here are a very few of my favorites:

1.  I love Kyrie and Robert’s writings and musings here:

2.  I learn so much from Eva over here:

3.  Roman Catholic writer and mother of nine, Elizabeth Foss, always moves me, especially this time of year as we journey through a most Holy Lent:

4.  I enjoy Sheila.  She has a beautiful blog, and writes from the depths of her heart:

5. Mrs. Mallard and I are old friends, and I enjoy seeing what she is up to:

6.  I love Kara and her writings about family life:

7.  Orthodox priest’s wife and inspiring mother M. Emily always brings a moment of love and reverence to my computer time:

I also am supposed to write seven things about myself:

1. The only place I have traveled outside of the United States is Great Britain and Wales.

2.  I like to write in the morning.

3.  Fifth grade geometry is turning out to be one of most favorite subjects.  Who would have thought it?

4.  I love to be active – walking, biking, hiking, moving, playing outside with the children.

5.  I like to be involved in things and learn new things.  I have to balance myself and be home too, but I do have a lot of interests. (Insert understatement of the year here).

6.  My herbal study group is one of the new favorite things that I am enjoying.

7.  I love clean floors, which is a constant source of fun in my house since we have a very large and very furry dog.

Please list YOUR favorite blogs below; I know many of my readers are always on the lookout for new things to read and learn from!



5 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Your writing IS beautiful and I’m glad you were nominated. I almost never comment on blogs but that doesn’t mean that I’m not careful to read what illuminates and improves my life. Here are my top favorite blogs, carefully chosen.

    Laura Grace Weldon’s blog about homeschooling and hopeful living:

    Abby Quillen’s blog, New Urban Habitat, about sustainable living:

    Kim’s blog, Mama Mzungu, about joyfully raising her family in Kenya.

  2. Thanks for mentioning my blog here! I never got a chance to reply to this. I have been reading your posts on the seventh/eighth grades. I think seventh and eighth grades are hardest to do because there is too much to cover, the “children” are becoming teens, and you have to start thinking about high school. You know the biggest surprise for me for that age group has been that my children so far have become incredibly SLOW at this age. It takes forever to do a lesson for them. So all my plans did not work out due to slowness in everything. I wonder if you will experience the same.


    • Eva,
      I can see that slowness, the second half of sixth grade got pretty slow for us and we got behind. I joked with a friend that every subject needed to be in the fall because it seems like everything just slowed way down after Christmas. So that could continue or I am (hoping?!!) that seventh grade will at least start out with an eager beaver attitude! We shall see!
      And you are right, way too much to cover that isn’t even that feasible I think. So, I decided I wouldn’t post anything more about seventh until after we actually do it and see it through and then I can say, this is what happened! Ha hahahahahahaha!

  3. Oh, I thought another one of my comments got published (I tried twice). Never mind my mentioning slowness twice. I didn’t mean to repeat myself. Interesting that you had the same experience, though. I remember Thomas Wildgruber telling me something similar for the higher grades and that he liked to give regular quizzes and tests (not announced) to keep the attention of his students. I found that even the Kovacs history books are not the right kind for this age. The one called “Muscles and Bones” is actually not even edited well. By the way, did you ever attend the Movement conference with Jeff Tunkey? We were gone that summer.

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