Linky Love….and A Little About Writing

A very sweet reader wrote in and asked me about how I center myself for writing.  Well, since I have three small children and a large furry dog running about, I would say my writing at this point is only a meditative process in my head.  I go through almost any drafts that need to be done in my head, and then spill it out on a blog post FAST before someone needs something.  Smile   At one point, I wanted to take many of my back posts and turn them into e-books about development, but I do think book writing is and should be different than writing for a blog, and I don’t think I have the time it would take right now to turn a series of back posts into a book.  Maybe someday when everyone is a little bit older.

There are many, many beautiful writers on the Internet, and I have rounded up a few good links for you that I have enjoyed: Continue reading