Sunday Books: “Completing The Circle”

“An angel comes down to earth, conceived and received within the womb of her mother. There she grows the garments for her new home, and henceforth, she will wear the heavy robe of a physical body. After the months that this process takes, she emerges into a startling world of bright lights, cacophonous sounds and strong smells. With that first breath of terrestrial air, a visitor of timeless pure being is born into the temporal matter of earth. And with the tasting of mother’s
milk, so begins the education of this angel we now call child. For in this sweet substance of milk, the child first brings the outside world into herself.”

And so begins the book “Completing The Circle”, written by one of my favorite authors, Thomas Poplawski.  Here is the link to the ebook:

This book asks the important question of how we prepare a child to meet these times of hurry, sophistication, and technology whilst preserving the unique gifts, destinies, and callings that all children have?

He suggests we help our children by forming a protective circle around them in the form of warm community with its wholesome influences to help carry the child toward adulthood.  This “protectionism” is not to do with isolating a child solely within a nuclear family nor isolating the child from the world at large, but has more to do with seeing what our children need in order to develop without obstacles, and to see what can come in at the right time of development to help our children thrive.

In the chapter entitled, “Button Up Your Overcoat,” Poplawski traces warmth from a mother holding an infant and enveloping the baby in her warmth, to wearing layers on days below 60 degrees F.  He notes how some sensitive temperaments need to wear layers for emotional warmth.

Looking forward to exploring more chapters with you,


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