My Favorite Links To Love This Week!

I love pretty much anything Annette Fronz writes…lately she has been writing about the grain of the day often incorporated in Waldorf Education and she utilizes this in her home with her six children:

I like Sheila’s Grade One Qualities of Numbers block here….and Happy Birthday Sheila!

I love to find how people have combined Waldorf Education with their religious life.  Here is a list from “Flowing With My Ducklings” regarding Judaism and Waldorf:  I love seeing Emily back into blogging after a hiatus and the birth of a new little girl: .  You can follow her homeschooling adventure!

Speaking of back into blogging, I notice Kyrie of Are So Happy and other blogs is back with a new blog.  She and her husband are alternating writing about their lives and the raising of their four children; just beautiful for the soul.  Do check it out:

Some of you have asked, so I thought I would share that this is the chicken bone broth recipe that I have been using. It has many herbs to boost winter immunity:

That’s all for now!


8 thoughts on “My Favorite Links To Love This Week!

  1. Thank you for these links. I just realised that I always read and enjoy your posts via my Google Reader but never let you know how much I appreciate them. So thank you 🙂

  2. Does anyone know how to access Emily’s blog flowing with my ducklings?
    It was such an amazing resource for our family but when I try to open it it says it is only open to invited readers. Help! Any ideas?

    • Gosh, Leesrecipes, I honestly don’t know..there wasn’t any contact listed at all?
      So sorry! So many of the wonderful blogs have gone away over the years…

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