Ideas For The Third Week of Advent

This is the third week of Advent; for some Christian denominations this is the week the rose candle of “joy” is lit on the Advent Wreath.  What brings you joy?  The true mark of being a Waldorf parent, and also being a spiritual person,  is joy and contentment.  Are you reflecting this to yourself and to the world?  What would help you do this?

This week also finds many of us in the Anglican Communion observing Ember Days on the Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of this week. You can see  more information about that here:

I am sharing a few of my simple plans for this week.  As we get closer to Christmas, a beautiful Feast day, I try to pare things down as much as I can and enjoy the time I have with my family in simplicity.  Here are a few of the things nourishing me this week, a week where we look closer at our animal friends awaiting the love and joy that is coming to Earth.

Sunday, December 16th:  Church; our oldest child is singing at our evening Mass that is an entire Mass of “Lessons and Carols”…a favorite out of the whole year!

Monday, December 17th:  Make treats for our feathered friends; read “The Legend of The Birds” – found in “Hark!  A Christmas Sampler” by Jane Yolen and Tomie dePaola

Tuesday, December 18th:  Make treats for our dog and horse friends; Christmas baking with friends

Wednesday, December 19th:  Ember Day; fasting and also  Christmas baking (and saving the cookies for Christmas Day!)

Thursday, December 20th:  Tell story of “The Littlest Camel”, a Syrian Legend,  (from “Hark!  A Christmas Sampler”) and draw pictures of camels.  We are making some homemade treats today to give out as gifts.

Friday, December 21st:  Ember Day; tell the story of “The Christmas Mice” from “The Light In The Lantern:  Stories for Advent” by Georg Dreibig, (and I so apologize for not having the right German letter on my keyboard to spell the author’s last name correctly) and make candy cane felt mice: .  I also plan to make many round, yellow foods for a small dinner marking the shortest day of the year to eat by candlelight.  The first day of winter is also a wonderful day to be outside; down here in the Deep South  we can hike in some pretty mild temperatures.

Saturday, December 22nd: Ember Day.

Please share your nurturing and nourishing plans for the week in the comment box below.




4 thoughts on “Ideas For The Third Week of Advent

  1. Hi, Carrie –
    Thank you for all your beautiful posts! Your website has become a true touchstone for our family as we are on our homeschooling journey.

    I was unsuccessful in finding an e-mail at which to reach you, so hopefully it is ok that I post here. 🙂

    I have just finished a year-long project of creating a Waldorf-inspired Daily Planner for Homeschoolers and a Waldorf-inspired Daily Planner for Early Childhood. I have both available in my Etsy shop. I am more than willing to send you a free copy, if you would consider reviewing it and possibly recommending it. Just let me know if you’re interested. Below is a link to my shop that has the planners and detailed descriptions. Thank you!


    • Amy, this sounds lovely. I looked at the description on the Etsy shop and will gladly link to it on The Parenting Passageway facebook page for folks to check it out.
      Thank you!

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