Links To Love

Movement For Childhood is having an intensive movement conference in Buffalo, NY in June.  You can find out more details about this here:  As a physical therapist, I am very interested in this conference!

With fall finally reaching the Deep South, pumpkins have been on my mind.  Here is are few recipes for pumpkin pie and pumpkin pudding:

Here is a healthy pumpkin pie recipe from one of my favorite websites, Passionate Homemaking:

Here is another recipe for pumpkin pie on Cooking TF, another one of my favorite recipe sites:

Here is one for pumpkin custard:

I am thinking of making this scrub for holiday gifts:

For homeschoolers, here is a  really good post about why we sometimes experience challenges with homeschooling and what to do about it from Melisa over at A Little Garden Flower:  Melisa is currently running a planning bootcamp to help homeschoolers get organized and get going!

Here is a post about beginning a successful school year from Christopherus:  and an oldie but goodie post regarding talking to young children:

And here are gorgeous felted props for an updated nursery rhyme for fall, so lovely…This would be a fabulous addition to your fall homeschool if you have children under the age of 7:

And don’t forget the Waldorf Wednesday links at Seasons of Joy!  So much to look at there!

And I love Kara’s post about one of my favorite books, The Seven Year Old Wonder Book:

Hope you enjoy the links, many blessings,


1 thought on “Links To Love

  1. Thanks for some wonderful ideas to help with my mid-fall craft planning – I love the ideas at Seasons of Joy’s Waldorf Wednesday posts! Always so many good things to think about in your other links, too. Thanks for pulling them together!

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