Russian Creation Poem and the Joy of Learning

I have had a lovely time so far in the second year of my Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy and The Arts.  I feel blessed to be there, and I am excited for our homeschooling group since we have one mother who has already completed her Foundation Studies, there are three of us finishing up this year, and two to four mothers planning to start their Foundation Studies in January.  That seems a significant number for our smaller homeschool group, and I think speaks to the dedication of the families within our group to an education based upon Steiner’s curriculum.

As a physical therapist, one of the most joyous things I have found in this experiences has been the ability to work with three very different eurythmists.  Movement, to me, is the key to life, and holds the key to much healing.  It is an essential part of the Waldorf curriculum and for that I am so enthralled with the possibilities of a healing education.

Our group has been hard at work on a poem that is a Russian Creation Legend.  In fact, we may perform this poem as a troupe at the end of the year with the eurythmic gestures .  It has been a wonderful experience to practice and see this come together.  To me, the eurythmists are truly the masters of knowledge of the curriculum and its depth.  Their extensive training, requiring more education than any other position at the school, really is so deep and full.

I thought some of you might enjoy this poem; perhaps for a poem if you are doing different Creation stories at some point within the curriculum or just for a poem for older students to memorize or move to.  I don’t have an author name, and don’t have a source, other than this is from a Russian Creation Legend…..  Here it is:

In Eight Parts God Made Man – from a Russian Creation Legend

In eight parts God made man:

From the earth he took his bones,

From the sea his blood,

From the sun beauty,

From the clouds thoughts,

From the wind his breath,

From the stones strength and grace,

From the light humility

And from the spirit wisdom.


He took his bones from the earth

So man would know

That he belonged to the earth.

He took his blood from the sea,

So man would know

That the earth’s blood was flowing through his veins.

He took his beauty from the sun,

So man would know

That he was a child of the light.

He took his thoughts from the clouds,

So man would know

That all things come to those who are patient.

He took his breath from the wind,

So man would know

That the air is sacred.

He took strength and grace from the stones,

So man would know

That he too could endure.

He took humility from the light,

So man would come to know his true self,

Which is invisible.

And he took wisdom from the spirit,

So that His spirit could be in him.




3 thoughts on “Russian Creation Poem and the Joy of Learning

  1. Hey Carrie,
    Thank you for sharing that poem it is lovely.

    The eurythmy sounds so fantastic. I have done eurythmy 3 separate times with 2 different people. So, so powerful. The first time was truly a holy experience.

    I love hearing about your studies. They are inspiring.


  2. Carrie, thank you for sharing this. We start our 3rd grade creation block on Monday, so it is very timely for me.


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