Homeschooling Fifth and Sixth Grade

Due to a variety of reasons, my planning started much later and is coming along much slower than in previous years.  I am up to planning into March of our school year now, but keep plugging away in fifteen to half hour increments each day during quiet time and take an hour to two hours on the weekend to plan as well.  I think I will be where I want to be in no time!

I thought I would share that I went ahead, and even though I am planning fifth grade, I decided to take a peek at sixth grade just to get an idea of where I might want to shift things around…After all, our second geography block that we were going to try to do in fourth grade, got shifted into fifth, and I already know many folks who put the Greek history from fifth grade into sixth…so I thought I would peek.

Of course, I don’t know exactly what I am going to do yet, until we are in it and I see how things are going,  but it is intriguing to be sure.

My preliminary thoughts are along these lines: Continue reading