Homeschooling Fifth and Sixth Grade

Due to a variety of reasons, my planning started much later and is coming along much slower than in previous years.  I am up to planning into March of our school year now, but keep plugging away in fifteen to half hour increments each day during quiet time and take an hour to two hours on the weekend to plan as well.  I think I will be where I want to be in no time!

I thought I would share that I went ahead, and even though I am planning fifth grade, I decided to take a peek at sixth grade just to get an idea of where I might want to shift things around…After all, our second geography block that we were going to try to do in fourth grade, got shifted into fifth, and I already know many folks who put the Greek history from fifth grade into sixth…so I thought I would peek.

Of course, I don’t know exactly what I am going to do yet, until we are in it and I see how things are going,  but it is intriguing to be sure.

My preliminary thoughts are along these lines:


Form Drawing (we have some fourth grade forms to catch up on as well), review math from fourth grade


Math – Decimals

US Geography

Ancient Civilizations/Biographies – book “The Golden Goblet” mentioned in Christopherus syllabi for fifth grade

Botany (specifically trees)

Winter Break

More US/North American Geography:  The US Virgin Islands (cousins are there and a long family history there!), the Caribbean, Mexico and Canada

Math –  Freehand Geometry or metric system

Greek Mythology/ maybe or maybe not History


Ancient China

Freehand Geometry

Some specific academic and artistic skills according to the AWNSA Curriculum Chart: writing book reports (I am saving written book reports for sixth grade because I always thought they were a complete bore myself and my daughter already has good reading comprehension but we will go over books orally); we are going to look at plays, the differences between plays and other forms of written literature and writing a scene in a play; letter writing, spelling rules, active and passive verbs, antonyms, reviewing parts of speech again, homonyms, subject and predicate review, painting from darkness to light, knitting with four needles in the round, woodworking with a Sloyd knife, clay, singing in rounds and canons through church and Greek sports, softball, kickball.  Plenty there to chew on!

It is going to be tight, and inevitably I think one of the blocks will not happen and I will pick it up in the fall of sixth grade.  It just seems to be very full.


Catch up from whatever we didn’t do in fifth


Business Math

Roman History

I would love to put a block on European Geography here, but not sure until we finish fifth and I see what we have left to tackle

Winter Break


Physics I

Geography – Middle East and Northern Africa

Medieval History – I may spread this over two blocks and do the second block in the fall of seventh grade; I want to do a block specifically geared toward Early Christianity/The Church due to our faith and read “The Purple Mantle” or another similar book during this block  so I have to think more about this

Physics II

More detail on sixth grade to come….We’ll see what happens!  Do you have any preliminary plans for grades you have not tackled before on your blog?  If you have a link to that, please do share in the comment box!

Many blessings,


4 thoughts on “Homeschooling Fifth and Sixth Grade

  1. I just love knowing that you are plugging along – it makes me feel such a kinship with you as I am up at 5:30 this lovely Saturday morning to do just that! This past week, I have been working on grade 1 in detail. I am going to Barbara Dewey’s again this year, where I will concentrate on grade 5. I do have a nice outline for grade 5, but not a day to day yet. One thing I have decided to do is to not have botany be a formal block. (Donna Simmons’ suggests doing botany as a theme throughout the year and I am taking her advice.) We are going to create a country diary based on the book “The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady” by Edith Holden (this book was suggested by Melisa Nielsen). I feel this will be a nice continuation of local geography from last year and also continue to ground my boys to this place where we live. Plus I feel like we need some wiggle room this year – there is a lot to grade 5! My specific plans (such as they are) can be found here
    Happy plugging and planning Carrie – I’m right there with you!

  2. Carrie,
    I’m laughing this afternoon, as I did a quick search of your blog for grade 6 and saw these comments. I am beginning to list my resources per block and just wanted to double check what the heck I’ll be teaching next year! Here we go again . . .

    • Sheila,
      I am at work! I just completed a European Geography outline, and am working on geometry and mineralogy right now….

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